The last of Summer Reflections collection before a style make over.
Been working on the styles. It will be more vibrant and feminine.

To be honest , my style is a little bit of sexy style. If my bottom is long , the top will be short. If the top is long , the bottom will be short. Havis and wedges are my favorite. I lost count on how many pair of wedges i own until my mum have to nag at me to throw away those i don’t wear anymore.

So probably from June onward , you got to see more feminine and vibrant/playful styles. Though im 29 doesn’t mean i must dress like my age right. I should dress and look young.

This top is really cute. You can wear with high waist skirts / pants and hide the bottom slit under the ribbon by tucking in the top. I didnt it with Ally Skirt in Black (click HERE to see the back view of the skirt ) or you can just tuck it out and pair with any shorts/skirts/jeans/pants etc. I don’t know about others but when i used to work , i will go for dresses or tops whereby i can wear it when im out on weekends and at work. Or sometimes after work , i can change out easily. Like how i will wear tube top with a cardigan buttoned up and pair with tight pencil skirts and then after work , i will take off the cardigan and go for drinks or hangout with friends.


Shirts shirts shirts.. Something more breezy with a cooling polyester fabric.


This is my fave and definitely my style.  I got the original piece from an Australian label but they don’t have it in Navy or Black. So i made my own version lor. I can’t recall how many times i wore this out. I kept one piece in my bf’s hse and one piece in my own house. Because it is so fuss free. When i feel like dressing up , i pair it with a more elaborated top , sandals or wedges and on lazy days or if im going somewhere nearby, i just put on a $5 forever21 white or black spag top to pair with this skirt and my pair of reliable and durable havaianas.


Anyway , this coming launch features my fave pieces esp the skirt and ribbon top. And best of all , none of these cost more than $26 ! You can get this drape skirt + the ribbon top for less than $50.

See you at the launch , 28th May , Thursday 9pm !

K-beauty time again !

It’s been almost 1.5 years since i blogged about K-beauty products. Recently , received several requests to blog more about K-beauty products. Well , because i buy my own products (not sponsored so they are my genuine reviews ) and only buy those that i need , so i can only blog about those i bought , used and are good enough to be recommended. I don’t review about a make up product or whatever when i didn’t even use it. You can see from the lipsticks i reviewed and the make up products’ casing. They were used many times before ( unless i stocked up alot of the same colour and used the new one to take picture instead ).

I bought some products and they are abit of a disappointment so i didn’t blog about them. And i was kinda busy so i lost track of what i have not reviewed and what i have reviewed. LOL. But one thing for sure , im gonna blog about my daily 5-6 steps hair care now. Ya , so i can spent less money at salons and do some DIY treatment at home for mere $5. And some make up products which i recently used.

In SG , people who go for facials often , they should know the basic process of cleansing , exfoliating,  extractions of black heads on your nose ( some facial spas are still using the painful extraction method  , but some aesthetic clinics stopped using the painful extractions method because it is painful. So they used machines instead which is effective in clearing your black heads and there is no pain. I did mine at Aeon aesthetics and medical clinic HERE )  , applying of serums , essences , ampoules and finally the mask pack.

If you have had Korean facials done in Korea before , you will get to experience the Kyung-Rak facial massage. There are many kinds and some include the use of jade , stones etc . But the basic one is the use of fingers to press on pressure point and lifting strokes. It is a facial massage method which helps to stimulate better blood circulation , detox , slimming and lifting effect. Of cos , you cannot expect instant lifting or slimming immediately unless you do it constantly. It is a traditional anti-aging facial massage.

I had it done in Korea 2 yearsa ago. It was really relaxing and the strokes are very different from the normal facials you go to. They focus on certain pressure points and lifting massage strokes. The last time i had it done in Korea , the ahjumma massaged my face with Korean facial massage oil that was made with Red Ginseng , my shoulders and down to my chest. Ya..abit strange for someone to massage your chest. I was told it will help to achieve perkier chests if you do it constantly and also helps it to grow bigger. Also, you can ask for whole body massage.

The massages are usually done in the middle of facial treatments. The massage starts after cleansing and exfoliating.

Some people find it painful but i don’t find it painful. In fact there was no pain and it felt so comfortable and nice that i wish it can go on and on and on. LOL.

I recently had a good and relaxing facial+ Korean facial massage by my favourite aesthetician , Esther Jang ( blogged about it before. Click HERE ) . She is an experienced aesthetician and you can feel it from her strokes. She is experienced in Korean facial massages too.

Facial massages are the most shiok part in facial treatments. You should try if you have not.

Any way , i already have a list of “to buy beauty products” for my Sept trip to Korea. That includes collagen creams , ampoules and some new make up products. But first , let me get a sample to try it out first. I don’t want to waste my money on a full size bottle and ended up chucking it one side. My make up table are full of make up and skin care products. No space to even put my mobile phone on the table now !

I hope i can get to perm my hair there. I recommended my friends to perm in Korea. One of them got S-curl + cut for only $120 and the other one with long hair did loose waves + cut for mere $150. I don’t know which salon they go to but one of them went to the one i recommended ( Hwamiju hair salon ) . If you are going to Korea for holiday, just keep one morning ( 3hrs ) to get your hair cut , dyed , treatment and permed there. Guy’s hair cut only $10. My Oppa cut his hair only $10 in a salon ( includes wash ). It is sooo much cheaper , very fast , good service like getting manicures , hand massages or watch a drama on their ipad or even have your lunch when you are waiting.

Just get your beauty products , hair , eyelash extensions and mani/pedicures done there.

Im sure you will get addicted ( of cos unless you go to places that try to “ka-dok” tourists then it is different story lah ).

Preview for the last collection for Summer Reflections up on facebook page.

This is the last collection before the new style make up over which will be more fun and feminine.

Agneselle is launching at 9pm tonight !

I really love the pieces from this launch because they really reflects my style and stuff from my personal wardrobe.

The pieces are classy , feminine and the fabrics are soft and comfortable. Especially the pants where we use a more “breathable” material that is soft and falls on you nicely. The waistband has a unique shape both front and back.

It is available in Cream and Black.


Another one of my favourite.

This jumpsuit is absolutely my favourite among all the jumpsuits that were launched so far.

The ruched m-shape bust neckline and the flare at the bottom.

The fabric is also “breathable” and falls comfortably on your body shape. I wore the white piece on my birthday.



Not to forget this beautiful and chic Moto Zip skirt which i wore to Malacca. The Royal Navy one is my favourite colour.


And this cutsy bralet with crochet trims !

You don’t want to miss this piece too. It goes well with any high waisted bottom and easy to match !


All these will be available on 24th May , Sunday 9pm .

K-Beauty time !

Some simple and short K-beauty tips this time.

But i will have more coming up…it is about Korean aesthetic facials , facial massages and hair care ( i just started my 6 steps daily hair care routine which may help you to save money going to salons for treatment ) ! And im still waiting for my BF to vet through the recommended Korean restaurants in SG . He is very busy lately and hasn’t got the time to vet through yet.

It’s been long since i blogged about things i bought and used after my Korean trip back in March.

Already back for 1 month and used most of the products i bought !

Well , i would say that the reason why Korean Beauty and Hair are so popular is because they are the trendsetters. They set the trends and techniques used and then salons started following and used the same techniques and trends. Especially the hair part. Im a big fan of Korean hair salons now because they set their own trends.

About 2-3 weeks ago , i had Doublo-S treatment done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. The treatment helps in skin lifting and tightening especially one the lower part of the face where it tends to lose its elasticity as we grow older.

You can click HERE to read more about the Doublo-S treatment i had done few weeks ago. I can see the tightening and lifting effect. I have gained weight for the past 1 year and my face got abit rounder and ‘fatter’. Can’t wait to lift and chuck those fats away. I miss my skinny face. I looked back at the photos i took back on 2013 and i really miss the thin and defined features and face.

This was taken back in 2013. See the difference in face and body shape ?

OK , back to Doublo-S treatment !

Though the effect will last up to 1 year, you can go for Diamond Lifting to maintain and maximize the effect.

Diamond lifting is not painful at all.

A gel will be applied and spread across the face.

And the treatment starts. This treatment last about 20-30 minutes and it goes around your face to your neck area.

The Diamond Lift machine significantly increases collagen and elastic fiber production in the dermis and it helps to improve the dermal blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus enhances the function of skin cells. These biological effects result in improved tone, texture and appearance of the skin, and a more defined facial contour.

Temperature check to make sure that the Diamond lift is at its optimum effect.

My favourite aesthetician , Esther did the treatment for me. It is a quick process and there is no downtime and no pain or discomfort. So if you are thinking of maximizing and maintaining the Doublo-S treatment , you can go for Diamond Lift. And if you have not have Doublo-S treatment done , you can just go for Diamond lift alone. It helps in lifting , texture and brightening of your skin tone all in one.

If you are interested in Korean aesthetics procedures ( lasers and medical facials ) performed by a Korean doctor in Singapore , you can call 67332002 to make an appointment with Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. Clinic assistants are all Koreans but speak fluent English. So you do not worry about langauge barrier. Dr Michael Kim is a Korean doctor who has lived in America for many years  and he speaks very fluent American English too !


1.5 months ago when i went to Korea and when i went to Oppa’s mum’s house , she gave me ALOT of masks , serums and facial wash. Just like me , we have many similar interests which i talk about other day. One of them is SKINCARE !

She gave me a new bottle of Maxclinic Oil Cleansing foam. It is an oil cleanser which turns into foam when you lather in water. She said this is very good and after alot of research and just like what she said , this is quite a popular choice among the locals. Because it turns into foam , it is easy to wash off. You know , you still feel like there is a film of oil after you rinse the normal cleansing oil off. But this one doesn’t have the feeling and infact , it never make my skin feels dry or oily at all. It also removes make up. I use this in the day and my HERA whitening cleansing foam one at night now. There are the rose oil , vitamin c and the caviar one which im using now.

Texture is like gel and when you apply on dry skin , it feels like cleansing oil and after you lather with water , it turns into foam and very easy to rinse off. And true enough , it does brighten my skin tone after cleansing.

I like this cleanser and it doesn’t seem to be selling anywhere. Oppa’s mum got it online and shipped to home. You can try from Gmarket. I saw them selling there.

I’ve been travelling to my Bf’s hse often and im so glad there is a new Korean beauty variety show – Beauty Bible and other shows to keep me occupied when i took public transports.  It is already at its 3rd episode. The host is Kwanghee. Though i don’t like him (because i always find him abit too fact and over reacting “unnaturally” , i like the content of the show. I watch all my shows on a Korean website.

But you can find them in youtube with subtitles.

Have a good night !

The last time i shot in a studio was probably 3 years ago ? Did one at a Korean studio BJ Photo factory 2 weeks ago and that was where i took my Korean Hanbok photos.

Here are upcoming pieces for tomorrow !

Trust me , you will love this pleated midi skirt. I love it esp the one in Red and Grey ! For the office ladies who want to go fora more “OL” look , black or grey will be a better choice. On casual day out , you can pair it with crop tops and a pair of sandals or wedges. Whereas on any occasions , you can pair with heels. The fabric is really comfortable and nice. It gives you the flow when you walk. Comes with inner lining as well.



I bought the original piece from a high street brand and it was too tight under the ribs. The hem seems to “press” on my fats and created a budge. So i made my own version that is a little wider at the bottom so it won’t “‘press” on your waist fats and create a budge. I added a zip at the back too because the original piece does not come with zip and it was so tight that it almost ruined my eye make up and my top was stained with my eyeliner or lipstick.

This top really goes with any bottom ! You got to have it. Because me too kept all colours to match with my skirts and pants.


The little mermaid skirt. Added a mermaid trumpet hem. The skirt looks really cute. Cobalt Blue and White are my favourite pieces. Crochet top is an upcoming piece as well.



I know im not young anymore but i kinda like little cutesy details lately just like how the mermaid skirting pops out like the picture below.


And a simple lace skirt for your beach getaway this summer !


They will be available on 19th May , Tuesday 9pm !

Happy weekend !

Took these photos at BJ Photo factory located at Tanjong Pagar by a Korean photographer based in SG last week !

Nope , this is not a wedding photo . Lol we had some times after shooting some Agneselle pieces and i saw a hanbok so i asked whether i can wear it.

Put your index and thumb together to form a heart shape ( *that’s the pose in the pictures below ).

Love the hanbok colours. Would want a yellow+red , navy+red , or yellow+pink one like the one below for wedding !

2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30634 2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30635

Oh yay it is friday !