Happy Birthday Robert Oppa ~ ^^

Saturday night BBQ with the Korea Tigers baseball team to celebrate Robert Oppa’s birthday.

I was very touched by his support and he is more like a fatherly figure to me.



Every BBQ comes with yummylicious Pork Belly , beef and seafood ( alaskan king crab , lobsters and more ).



The star of the day was drenched with ice cold barrel of water. It was a “BEER ONLY” party and i couldnt find any water or soft drinks. Hundreds of cans of beer and sojus.


After the BBQ , we went up to his house for 2nd round of more beer and sojus. Of cos , i can’t drink at all so i was glad that i can finally drink water.

Had great catch up on Saturday with 2 of my SRJC friends Lihua and Candice for lunch at Jpot and then dinner with the Korea Tigers.
I realized that alot of my close friends are teachers and it is good to learn some parenting and teaching tips from them. It was a good catch up talking about the times we spent in school and all the naughty bits.

Talking about school days , i want to talk about this speech by Jack Ma ( Founder of Alibaba ) . It is a good video and i hope that this video inspires you if you are facing any problems in work , relationships or anything now.

  1. Before 20 years old , be a good student….way to entrepreneur to learn some experience.
  2. Before 30 years old , follow somebody , go to a small company….It is not which company you go , it is which boss you follow.
  3. From 30-40 years old , you have to think very clearly…
  4. When you are 40-50 years old ,you have to do all the things you are good at…
  5. When you are 50-60 years old , work for the young people..because young people can do better than you
  6. When you are over 60 years old , spend time for yourself.

When you are 25 years old , make enough mistakes . Don’t worry , you fall and you stand up. Just enjoy the show.

I have to say that i can truly relate to this speech because i have gone through 1) and now i am in 2) . I had made mistakes in judgement of people , relationships and things when i was 25 and young. It is probably a blessing in disguise. Because through these mistakes , i managed to improve myself and learn to be smart when it comes to dealing with people or relationships. Also , i learnt to cherish the people around me. The people whom i know are true friends.

On a side note , i’ve been sleeping really late these days to read up on articles and my eye bag was quite bad.
And i have been putting on the Mediheal eye patch which i bought from Korea in the morning before i put on my make up . It sure does help !
At night , i will put eye serum or light cream.


Here is the eye serum which im using from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic. If you want sunblocks , you can try the sunblock from Aeon medical and aesthetics centre which is SPF90. Oppa is currently using it too because he stays under the sun for 4 hours every sunday during baseball practice. It helps to prevent sun burnt and protects the skin. Im also using Hera collagen eye up cream and Sulwhasoo firming eye cream. I was given alot of the sample sachets lol..it’s been almost a year and i still haven’t finish my sample sachets. LOL. I use the serums in the day and creams at night. I also use eye patch before i go out or put make up. The eye area looks more firmed up and easier to put on make up . But of cos , the best remedy is to drink more water and have ample sleep !


The eye patch which im using now after finishing my Cell-Dermal’s eye patch.


This eye patch is something you may want to get if you are traveling to Korea. You can find it at Olive and Young stores.  They have a huge range of Mediheal’s masks at Olive and Young.

Grr…i must find a time to go to River Valley to fix my Olympus camera. The shutter jammed and totally cannot work :( And my Korea trip is just 20 days away. Got to make do with my phone camera and hope i can get my camera back before my trip.  Supposed to blog some new K-dishes too but all the pics were gone :( Arghhhh…

Last week , i went out with the Oppas , their wives/gfs for dinner at 2D1N and then we went down to Kream Beer bar for drinks. Pretty nice and cool place. A good place to chill out and bar snacks.


Because i am not a good drinker , i ordered the small glass and awww..the glass came with cute mustache print.


We ordered “Jwi-po”쥐포 which is a kind of BBQ fish snack. Pretty addictive !


And some cheese sticks to go with our beer.


This is not a place for dinner but a good place to hang out with your friends or colleagues for beer and some bar snacks.

And a week plus ago , i went to one of my old hair stylist at Raffles place. When i was working at One Raffles Quay back in 2009 – 2011 , i always go to her to get my hair cut , dyed , washed and blow !

Now i got a nice layered hair cut. She is the only one i go to whenever im at Raffles Place.


I had laser toning session done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre too ! Face is now clear and nice. You should try the new Hydra Facial. It helps to hydrate your skin for a more radiant shine.

You can call the clinic at 6733 2002 for an appointment if you are interested and keen in Korean aesthetics . Dr Kim and his staff are Koreans but they speak fluent English. Dr Kim speaks good American English.

I am going for another session of BBL laser to remove the remaining freckles on my cheeks which i blogged about it HERE before. I cannot remember the price of the removal but it is pretty affordable because it was charged by per shot of BBL laser.

Abit busy with work and serious reading lately. Lack of sleep and my eyelids were so swollen and high that they looked like i just had surgery done. Hate swollen eyelids but i love the prominent double eyelids. Ironic isn’t it.
Fortunately , i am pretty strict and stringent with my skincare routine. I will hydrate my skin properly on days when im very tired. Because tiredness can cause the skin to be abit dry at times. I also keep a facial mist in the office because of the air con.


I had some new Korean facial masks and supposed to take pictures of the packaging but my camera spoilt and i threw the packaging away already :( Gotta wait till i go to Oppa’s house and take pictures of the mask packs again.

I can’t wait for my next Korea trip. It is going to be very exciting because this time im going to learn more about the history. We are going to visit the ancient capital of Silla Dynasty – Gyeongju. I am bugging oppa for a countryside Hanok stay experience. A city girl like me never stay at the countryside before mah…so i want to go and stay for 2 days 1 night as an experience. Also , i had added quite abit of skincare products into my shopping cart and waiting for a week before my trip to buy and send it to Oppa’s mum house and i can collect it when i go there. Stocking up on my HERA skincare produts and UV Mist cushions too ! But im trying out other brands’ serums because Hera doesn’t have a wide range of serums.

Here’s something i added into my online shopping cart from Hyundai Mall site.

I am only interested in the serum ( the one in the middle ) from LEADERS. I really like the LEADERS Vita C Serum , LEADERS, Cell-Derma and AHC masks which Oppa’s mother bought for me. Can’t wait for her to introduce me more skincare products which i cannot get in SG. She is really very good at these and can even buy them in bulks and have it delivered to her home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.11.21 PM

So many things to look forward too..My work , Korea trip and more !!

Im waiting for Summer sale and all the 1+1 deal before i click the BUY button.

Though i am abit busy lately , i will still make up some time to blog here at least once or twice a week with new updates on K- beauty and K-food.

I have been trying several Korean facial masks this week and shall review it in couple of days time or over this weekend.

Been quite busy lately with my new work too which i will share and reveal to you soon :)

Btw, Agneselle office is moving to a new place and here’s the discount code to enjoy extra 50% discount off SALES items.

More than 50 new designs were added in and nothing above $15 !

Remember to enter the code. Price reflected on the website is before the extra 50% discount.


So , the shutter of my Olympus camera was jammed and i have to find a time to go down to the service centre. Hope it doesn’t cost alot.

I have cravings for Korean BBQ lately. I guess it was because i haven’t had it for a looong time. I used to have Korean BBQ once every 2 weeks.

On Sat , Oppa and i had dinner appointment at Bornga ( Star Vista outlet ) . This outlet is better than the one at Vivo . Not the food but the service and the speed they serve.


We ordered the signature Woo Samgyeop pork which is a kind of seasoned meat. There were 3 of us but we ordered 4 pax share of meat. It was soo yummy and im definitely going back to have more.



Topped up $9++ for the Haemul sauce to go along with the meat.

DSC01866 DSC01865

The extreme left dark red coloured sauce is the best sauce to go along with the meat but i prefer to dip into the salt+sesame oil sauce. I like the meat abit salty. The other sauce is the Samjang sauce.


Side dishes to accompany the meat are mostly salads and radish kimchi.

DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858

Long tray of refillable lettuces is part of the set.


I have cravings for Samgaetang ( Chicken Ginseng Soup ) lately and i finally ate it at Bornga.

We had 2 sets of Samgaetang after the 4pax portion of BBQ pork strips. I almost go on food coma after that but the meal was very sumptuous and delicious ! The reason why i have been visiting Bornga lately is because i am too lazy to go all the way down to Tanjong Pagar . There is an outlet in Vivocity which is near Oppa’s house. So it is convenient for us to have dinner there and go back home after a tiring day at work.


It is very yummy. Go try the Woo Samgyeop if you want to go to Bornga. Remember to make reservations !


Im suffering from dark eye rings nowadays and even concealer don’t help anymore :( Time to drink more water and have enough sleep over the weekend. Have been reading some stuff lately and missed all my K-dramas. Gonna catch up on the dramas when im in Korea which will be in 4 weeks time !

Just last year , i played a minor part in the My Singapore campaign. I had a 5-10 secs cameo in the Music Video with our local songbird Lorraine Tan who has a beautiful voice. She writes and sings wedding songs too. So if you want to have a song written just for you and your other half. You can check out www.weddinginharmony.com

This year’s music video, Snow Flower, is a tribute to 50 years of resilience, dreams and aspirations. In rejoicing in Singapore’s golden jubilee and to carry the Singapore spirit beyond our shores with collaborations in Korea and Australia, signifying Singapore’s global footprint despite our small size.
My Singapore campaign’s beneficiaries over the years includes Tzu Chi, New Charis Mission, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, President’s Challenge and this year, Beyond Social Services, whose mission is to curb delinquency among children and youths from less privileged backgrounds.
If you wish to play a part , please click on the donation link for Beyond Social Services which is at (https://goo.gl/TlUMKn ) . Go hear her beautiful voice in the video below.
She braved the winter cold in Korea just for the photoshoot. I really respect her for always playing a part to help the less privileged and she is always dedicated to her charity work for years. She is also a down to earth lady. Go listen to this music video which has gathered more than 2 million views ! Hope this video can help to lift your spirits if you are feeling down now. There are other people who are less fortunate than you. So be thankful with what you have and if you ever succeed , don’t forget those around you and help the less privileged.
Here are some pictures which i really like from her photoshoot in Korea.

Last week , i went to Malacca again with Oppa , Jiaying and her BF.

It was my 2nd trip to Malacca this year and the first time as a double date.

I love the food in Malacca. Nothing to shop there but just eat and eat and eat. Even my friends were amazed at my bottomless pit. I want to buy every single street food i saw.

Before we drove to Malacca on Thurs evening , we stopped by Pontian in JB at a famous tze char stall for dinner.

It was pretty dark over there so i didn’t take any pictures but here is the address :

Zu Qiu Seafood Corner – Jalan Delima 1, Pusat Perdagangan Pontian, 82000 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

We had hot plate doufu , prawn paste chicken , 4 plates of rice , sambal kangkong , cereal prawns and one more dish which i can’t remember. We ordered large size for all and it was only MYR96 which was about SGD 34 . So cheap and yummy ! This will probably cost about SGD 80 because of the tiger prawns if we were to eat it in SG. I think i need to change more ringgit because i guess i will be heading there often for seafood and shopping at Watsons and Sasa.

After our dinner , we drove to our hotel in Malacca for a good night sleep.

Woke up at lunch time the next morning because we all arrived in Malacca at about 1am.

We queued for the chicken rice. I don’t really like the rice balls because i find it too mashy. Prefer the normal rice plate. Chicken was tender and the asam fish was very nice.

IMG-20150808-WA0001 IMG-20150808-WA0004

After our chicken rice lunch , we went to look for Asam Laksa.


I like the Assam laksa in this stall. I didn’t take a picture of the stall because the road was too crowded and too many cars. So i grabbed it from google image. It is located beside the popular Jonker 88 durian chendol shop which has a long queue.

We had our Asam Laksa 2 days in a row over here.


After the laksa , we hanged around Jonker walk buying Coconut milk shakes before going to a nearby shopping mall to shop and back to Jonker walk for foot massage and dinner again.

Nightlife at Jonker Walk during the weekend.

Ahh , should have eaten proper dinner. Should just walk along the streets at night and enjoy street food. I love this carrot cake and i resisted it because before that i ate alot of street food along the way. MYR3.50 per plate with plentiful of eggs and cai po ( radish ) .

IMG-20150809-WA0011 IMG-20150809-WA0010 IMG-20150809-WA0019

The street next to Jonker Walk was filled with road side hawker stalls where you can eat Penang Laksa , Penang Cha Kway Teow , Nonya food and seafood.

Hotdog wrapped with fried egg topped with mayo , mustard and chilli sauce. Only MYR 3.


Quail eggs with bacon.


Hokkaido scallops topped with garlic , glass noodles , sesame sauce and butter. 4 for MYR30.

1439367391876 1439367399539 IMG-20150808-WA0000

And we bought durian puffs , dao sa pia and pineapple tarts back home. My dear Mr Shin knocked out in the car because of the durian puffs. Need to train him to eat more durians liao.


A rare moment. When i asked Jiaying to take couple shoot for us and he did this. He doesn’t like to do all these in front of other people usually. LOL the typical manly Busan guy. But this time was an exception. Well i guess he really enjoyed this trip and thanks to Bryan for being the only driver because the rest of us couldn’t drive. It was a great trip with Jiaying , a customer turned friend since 2009 and a friend i treasured alot. She bought cupcakes and travelled all the way to my house during my most down moment of my life to cheer me up till late night.

IMG-20150809-WA0022  1439367374672

After we arrived in JB , we shopped at KSL . Bought alot of stuff from Watsons because it is very cheap and they are having discounts. Sasa was having discounts too and i got K-palette eyeliners for only MYR26,75 after 10% discount (the limited edition one) and after conversion it is less than SGD 10. Oppa bought alot of eye care and contact lens solutions too. Loreal shampoos were going for 2 bottles at MYR32. I want to get eye lash extensions , hair colour , treatment and mani/pedicure done there but we didnt have the time to. Will be going back there again for a grooming session.

We had dinner at Kimdo Seafood Restaurant. It is a tze char place. The boss was very humorous and nice.

We ordered so much for only MYR150 which includes a plate of large salted egg tiger prawns.

27/28 Jalan Sutera (Taman Sentosa), 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Wanted to order satay and BBQ wings but the queue was very long. It is just opposite Plaza Sentosa and beside the restaurant is a big Eu Yan Sang shop. Many people and alot of Singaporea cars. But becareful of your belongings and car. Alot of beggars came to our table when we were eating so do watch out for your belongings.


Can’t wait for another double date again. We should take a plane , coach or ferry to somewhere next time so there won’t be only just 1 driver which can be very tiring.

I was thinking about jotting down my personal thoughts here but i decided to hold back till everything was confirmed.

There are 2 major event in my life and i can’t wait to share but i don’t want to jinx it . Heh.

Here are some pieces launching tomorrow at 9pm and they are my favourites.

Launching 13th August , Thursday 9pm

Taken by a young photographer Chrystal and you wouldn’t believe that she is only 19. Not out for fame but only for her hobby and interest in photography. Don’t judge a person by their age. You never know what potential they have.

I wore this grid skirt to work.

Mesh grid midi skirt Black 16

The back dip dress was worn as a top tucked into a contrasting trumpet skirt which is side dipped.

Trumpet Skirt 2 Mesh shoulder dress3

This dress is super dreamy and nice. I love it because it is so breezy and i just pair it with sandals and a tote out.

Blue Lace sweetheart dress6

The dress has a longer back and shorter front. The dress looks short on the model but when i wear it , it ends mid thigh.
Her height is 179cm and i am 166cm. Comfortable length for me to wear it out without “zao geng” for me. It is 33 inches long.

Blue Spag basic dress2

There are discount codes just for mailing list subscribers. But shall post here for my readers

Discount codes below ends 20th Aug : 

<Aug10> – 10% off 1 item

<Aug15> – 15% off min purchase of 2 items.

<Happy50> – 50% off SALES items.

Finished a week of induction program and now it is internal training. Well , im happy to do what i always wanted to do and love doing. And also , getting to meet people with so much positivity everyday and every morning meetings.

Well , i went to Malacca with Jiaying , Bryan and Oppa over the weekend and we were back on time on 9th August midnight to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday.

Because i have one more last paper this week , i spent the remaining holidays at home studying and watching videos of the parade online. Oppa and i had cravings for Korean bbq suddenly on Monday for lunch. So he made a reservation at Seoul Restaurant at Regent Hotel. Lunch was $37.90 ++ per pax for Ala carte buffet. It is soooo worth it.

HERE is the buffet menu.






These are all free flow. But since we are here for BBQ , we only ordered the Kimchi pancake and Topokki. We can have the stews any other day and anywhere so we didn’t order that.



The beef are the best here. So go for the beef . And if you want pork , go for the Samgyeopsal will do.



Eh…but the lettuce is not included in the ala carte buffet menu and we have to pay for it.
Quite expensive for few pieces of lettuces ( $14.90++). Mushrooms are also not include and quite expensive. We paid $116 for 2 pax after GST which includes the lettuces. If we didn’t order it , it will cost us less than $100.

We had a total of 5 plates of beef (number B3 and B4 in the menu) and 1 plate of pork for BBQ.


We ordered Yangnyeom Galbisal (B3) and Galbisal (B4).

B3 was our favourite so we ordered 2 plates of that. All grilled and BBQed over charcoal.

DSC01827A DSC01820A

It is time i should really exercise and go for a run. I ate so much in Malacca , JB and at the Korean BBQ. Felt too overwhelmed now. Gosh.

If you want quality BBQ , Seoul restaurant is the place to go to ! The restaurant is very clean and comfortable and after the dinner , we sat down at the hotel lobby for a rest before walking over to Orchard MRT. Guess what , we didn’t had any dinner after our Korean BBQ lunch. Too full. Oh , the naengmyeon is free flow too. Koreans usually have cold noodles after BBQ. It is to “cool” your body after a heaty Korean BBQ. I don’t think many Singaporeans knew about this place though. The restaurant was only filled with Koreans when i went there. Bosses and waitresses are Koreans but there is a Filipno waitress. Definitely will be back there again.

Had alot of delicious and yummy tze char in JB all thanks to Jiaying and her BF , Bryan. Shall blog about the food in JB soon. So cheap and nice ( but crowded and need waiting time for the food to be served ). Im going  back there for seafood again !

A sneak peek of what’s coming soon ! Will post more soon with my JB food trail pictures.  There are so many people i want to thank lately. Gonna post more pictures together with those people i want to thank ! A post dedicated to my dear friends and also something abit more personal.

Blue Lace sweetheart dress6