Im craving for Eastern European cuisines lately . Cant wait for the yummy treats this coming weekend. Gonna change to Samsung Galaxy S4 soon…i guess the failure to receive OTP from the Ibanking device maybe due to my phone and not the ib device or phone line. Shall see..i don’t know why shit always happen RIGHT BEFORE MY know like an hour before …just die die something bad has to happen before any trip ( business trip or any holiday trip ). Last trip was no wifi at home. My internet died at home and i can’t work the night before my biz trip. Because usually i don’t sleep on the night before my trip. I work overnight. HOW SUAY CAN I BE EVERYTIME !  Chinese new year coming..maybe i shall go bai bai.

So tired and ate so much that my face now looks hmmm fatter …so does my eye bags ?

A lot of people asked my friends if i have done anything to my nose. NO …i did not and stop asking me if it is real or not. It is real.


I love my new ash brown + mahogany hair color done at Salon Vim 313 by John Tham. Love this color and it matches my new favorite lip color from 3CE – Glass Red.

Im currently using the Kerastase shampoo from Salon Vim ( below )

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I like how it gives my hair a nice , smooth and healthy look below.


If not for John Tham from Salon Vim , i think my hair will be in a deep mess today. My uni friends called me “Lioness” in the past cos of my frizzy long hair lol.

Cant wait for my next treatment just before St Valentine’s day !

Gosh didn’t realize that it is almost 2am now. Gonna go back home from office and back to office tomorrow morning again ! I’m thinking of bringing my home clothes over. I think i need to sleep through in the office till CNY and I’m gonna breath in a lot of dust.

Btw, Agneselle just launched a new mini collection for CNY Series 3. No previews for this launch though because it is really small scale.


It is the last CNY collection before the Vday’s collection which we will start shooting next week. No CNY break for photoshoots though. We will be taking a break from 29th to 3rd Feb only. Stocks for Feb and March are here and i can’t wait for the photoshoot to start !

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  1. Janey Zhen says:

    hey babe, may i know where you got your toy poodle ? how much was it ? its too cute! 🙂 do you recommending getting from pet farms ?

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