Sorry for not updating this space. Been a little bit busy with photoshoots , CNY visitings and dating.

Gonna go back to work tomorrow and i think it’s gonna be a late and tiring date clearing one week of backlogs !

Well I’ve been fed really well this week.

Korean BBQ with the Oppas.

20140207_213357 20140207_213352

And i had Tim Ho Wan with my SRJC schoolmates. Frankly speaking, the dim sum are too overrated and i prefer Swee Choon’s dim sum that this. The Harkow was so dry and so is fried bean curd skin with shrimps.

The only nice stuff are the ones below. 20140208_141236

Oppas invited me to watch their baseball game at Kallang field. Pretty interesting. I have watched baseball in Korea before but this is the first time in SG and i didn’t know there is a baseball field.

Expats here form their own teams (according to their country).


The Japanese team below.


The Korea Tigers team.

I took all pictures behind the green fence while they were playing. Cos I’m afraid the ball may hit me. It’s gonna be damn painful. 20140209_111710

20140209_110517 20140209_111114

After that , we went for a long lunch (5hours of beer and food from lunch to dinner). I didn’t drink beer of course. I think i had barley , milk tea, coke and chestnut water over 5 hours. And they had over 20 bottles of beer. Soo full ..cos i had my lunch and dinner.

Now that everyone is older than me. I have to use the formal Korean language which i seldom use because the people i knew are mostly my age or younger. And during the BBQ , i have to take note of my etiquette. Because pouring beer or drinks to people who are older than you ( in my case are the Oppas ) is slightly different. I have to rest one one hand on my arm and there other hand to pour. And the words i use are also different. And i have to remember adding the “yo” at the back of every single sentence for people older than me. And the eldest on the table has the say for everything and respect. But it was a good time sitting down to listen and i can practice my listening and learn more new vocabs   and grammars !

Anyway , new items will be launching soon . Stay tune for more updates on the launches. Gonna clear all the one week of back log from the CNY break before we launch again 🙂


Good night and have a good week ahead and good Vday date this friday !