Last week was not a good week. This CNY was not a good one.

My grand father passed away. He fell down last week and last week , he passed away peacefully in his sleep. I got a shocked when my mum came into my room and said “Ah gong passed away in his sleep” . We hurriedly changed up and went to my grandparents’ house at Jalan Membina and i saw his cold body lying on his bed. Me and my bro just kneeled down by the bedside and keep crying. I touched his hands and it was really cold. But he looked so peaceful and in his usual sleeping position with fingers clasped on his chest.

We were supposed to be back at work last week and launch but couldn’t. And we have to be at the wake for 5 days. The whole AE team consists of my family members. So everyone has to be there. We cannot pack packages or process any orders or launches . Paying last respect to my grandfather is most important and crucial thing. Because my dad is the eldest son and I’m the eldest grand daughter , he doted on me and my bro a lot since we were young. When i first started Agneselle , he will ask me if i need any money for capital and when i was in university , he will ask if i need any money for laptop or school. I didn’t tell him why i cancelled my wedding in 2012. My grandma teared when i told her why i have to do it and my grand father was old. So i didn’t tell him why. He will be really upset to hear why i have to do it. My grand father really doted on me since i was a baby giving me everything. Everyone told me..he doted on you and you bro the most. So I’m really feeling very sad and down. The last day before closing the coffin , i called him “ah gong” the last time and i tried not to cry so that he can leave for a better place. But i can’t control. On last day of CNY , i wanted to give my grandparents some money so they can buy what they want to eat or go for holiday. Because i don’t have the time to bring them out due to my work and always traveling around. But he passed away before can do it.


The 4 grand children he doted on the most.

Im sure he will watch over us from above.

Ah gong , we will miss you !

IMG_332604471795737gonna work on some of my review posts soon 🙂

And back to work…a lot to do right now.