Im still alive. A lot of people asked where did i MIA-ed to because I’m less active on Instagram and my blog. Well…a lot to clear up from the 3 weeks of back logs . I need to clear them this week ! And my photoshoot started again…so I’m really very very tired.

It is very tiring to go under the sun for 3 hours. That’s photoshoot.
And my mum prepared for us soya bean drink. Gained back my healthy weight to almost 48kg now…omggg eat ALOT when I’m stress or tired.



Still , i tried to keep my work life balance. Woke up to work …go out on dinner , meet my date or meet up with friends and then back home to work before i zonked out from exhaustion.

When I’m stress..i eat a lot …and really a lot and i have a lot of cravings.


Everyone knows ( good friends or boyfriends when i had one ) knew that i have this every year for my birthday and when I’m sad. I ate the entire cake ( can’t remember how many kg) before when i was really sad. That was how much i love it. Sounds like a glutton..but hey ! Strawberry shortcakes are soooo delicious.

I went with Elaine to Lady M confections about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE their crepe cake and strawberry shortcake. I can have 2 of each on my own. I will probably skip my dinner and just go for the cakes. Sooo delicious and really soft. LOVE IT..


Wah….so tempted to go down for it right now. Drools.


I should gather more friends and try every single cake there. Soooooooo niceeee !


And i met up with friends for drinks every week. My alcohol tolerance is getting better but i try not to go for drinks every week. I do not want to dehydrate my skin. I love the Berry Crush Mojitos at Alley Bar. Refreshing 🙂


Met up with an old friend for coffee. Found a quiet coffee place and we talked and catch up a lot.

CYMERA_20140226_025334 20140225_205254

When i met up with friends. All were asking whether I’m attached.

Nope..not attached. No boyfriend. Just only dating.

One thing i don’t like about dating is the “push and pull” . The other party making you guess what’s in his/her mind and trying to be cold. I think I’m a pretty honest person and if i really someone..i will just tell him. I can’t hide my feelings and i feel better if i told him so. Of cos telling the person at the right time is important. If 2 people really like each other , they should be more frank in their feelings and enjoy the time spent together instead of wasting time pull and push. Pushing too much may get yourself out of the game. Go with your feelings. Ironically , maybe I’m such a straightforward person and i felt that sometimes i was taken for granted whether is it in friendship , work , relationships etc.

My mind is feeling so confused right now

If only things can be simpler and go my way.

And also i have so much work to clear. Clearing 3 weeks of work within 5 days is a big challenge. Very tired.

Back to work !