Im sure all the K-drama addicts are hooked on the the latest K-drama hit

Drama Title : You Who Came From The Stars


I remembered the actress Jun Ji-hyun from the movie My Sassy Girl back in 2001. She looks so hot with swag and so pretty. 13 years later , she still looks the same. Actually she looks even better with more elegance , grace and presence with an aura.

I was checking her outfits and make up in the drama. With natural look make up and designer wears from Hermes , Dior etc. So much swag in her.

Thanks to Laneige , i managed to get hold of the the neon orange lipstick used by Jun Ji-hyun in the drama – Serum Intense Lipstick from Laneige in YR25 – Neon Orange and SYR33 Sheer Beige. You can create 3 different looks with these 2 lipsticks. Either use them individually or create a 2-tone lip ombre.



My avid readers know that I’m a heavy lipstick user and i love lipsticks. I have 30 over lipsticks at home and i touch up after every meal or drinks. Getting a correct lipstick is important. You don’t want a lipstick that is so matte that it makes your lips looks dry and chapped. Nor do you want something that is too glossy and looks too over. We definitely want a moisturizing lipstick which gives you the perfect pout.

The Serum Intense Lipstick from Laneige not only gives your lips an intense color but also helps to moisturize your lips. It comes in 20 different shades.

Cheon Song Yi LANEIGE  Lipstick_1

You can click HERE to view the shades available at the counters.

SYR33 – Sheer Beige.

Here is the color for Sheer Beige. It is used to create a 2-tone lip ombre together with Neon Orange.

You can use the Sheer Beige one alone or create a 2-tone lip ombre with Neon Orange. It is used to line the outer layer of the lip.

I prefer light and natural make up and if used alone,  this goes well with neutral or brown eyeshadows. This color matches my skin tone very well and I’m currently using it for a week right now. It gives a sweet and demure look. Go neutral on your eye make up and blusher. I really like this color ALOT !


If you are fair skinned , go for YR25 – Neon Orange. Go really minimum with your eye make up (eyeliner only) so that your lips stands out. You don’t want to look too “wayang” or “over” with colorful eyeshadows. Maybe just a neutral and really light base will do. I will definitely put this on for functions. Wearing a black dress with neutral make up and Neon Orange color Serum Intense Lipstick from Laneige.

Jun Ji-Hyun looks really good in Neon Orange. It makes her fair skin tone looks radiant.


Cheon Song Yi LANEIGE  Lipstick_4 Cheon Song Yi LANEIGE  Lipstick_3 Cheon Song Yi LANEIGE  Lipstick_2

Using both Neon Orange and Sheer Beige. Here is the 2-tone gradient look below :

Lined the outer part of your lips with Sheer beige and inner lip with Neon Orange. Use your fingers to blend the 2 colors in. Your lips look so radiant and moisturized.

Thanks Pearlyn ( my make up artist ) who helped me to create this lovely lip ombre look.


If you want a moisturizing lipstick and color that last , you got to try the Serum Intense Lipstick from Laneige. You can get the from any Laneige counters (click HERE) or Facebook Page HERE.

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