Omg im sooo happy. I’m gonna clear all the backlogs. Almost done !!! So i can start launching. Everyone is helping to clear the emails ( 3 weeks of emails to clear ) . 200 more to go..everyone JIA YOU ! I feel really sorry for my customers. After the CNY break , we have to take another week of break to settle family issues. So we are really trying our best to get thing done last week. After the wake 2 weeks ago , everyone was sooo tired cos of the overnight “shou ye” so we started work only 2 fridays ago.

It’s been 2 weeks since my grandfather’s passing and I’m still sad and sometimes i do cry when i think of him. Even at work because his picture ( taken with my bro when we were very very young on his 63rd birthday ) is on my desk and dressing table. So i look at it everyday. Even while i was typing this paragraph , i was tearing. He passed away on last day of CNY.

When i was young , people tell me ” it’s never too late ” . But well , this sentence doesn’t apply to school ( if you tell your DM that , you will get smacked ) or love ones especially your grandparents. When you realized something and its too late…it’s just too late…If you want to do something , don’t wait. Like my aunt told me she went for flower arrangement class. Everyone at home said her teacher’s flower is the best. But my grandpa said ” No , yours is the most beautiful”. She was so touched and told my grandpa she was happy to hear that and will buy him something nice to eat but she was busy and before she could do it , he passed away. If you want to do something , don’t wait till you lose someone or something and then regret.

When i walked past bishan park , i recalled the days grandpa will bring me to the playground for the swings and ponds. He will push the swing while i sit on it. And i used to pester him to bring me down to play. My office faces the temple where his urn is resting. My uncle was jokingly telling me that Grandpa doted on you the most..he will help you look after your business and “visit” your office. Lol….I do not have a religion and neither am i superstitious but on 49th day , my mum told me to burn a paper TV and Radio for my grandpa. He is a buddhist and i respect him and his religion. So I’m gonna do it on the 49th day.

So..i started my photoshoot end of Feb and Fee fee is such a talented photographer and I’m so glad to have her as my photographer. Not forgetting my ah bu – Pearlyn who does crazy things like the one below ( hiding from the sorching sun with my changing tent ) and playing flappy bird.


Some of Fee’s work…and my favorite pieces. My wardrobe pieces which i decided to manufacture. The skirt is not a normal skirt. It is slightly tapered and “stick” onto your waist and then flare downwards to make your waist look smaller. I got my original piece from overseas and a lot of friends like the cutting so much that they can’t find it in Sg. So they got me to manufacture. If you walk into Zara now , you will see a lot of skater skirts. It is in trend right now i guess. The trend is back. I love skater skirts. Goes well with any basic tops or crop tops.

FEE_7118 FEE_7142 FEE_7211

FEE_7124 FEE_7127

For the working crowd , this dress will make you stand out in the office because of the embellishments on the shoulders. Material is stretchable and comfortable too.


It comes in peplum top version which you can match with pencil skirt or pants for work.

Or shorts / bandage skirts for weekends.


The low back is the plus point. Looks sexy.


For the dainty lady , the LBD is prefect for a good date.


Full preview is up on Facebook.

Gonna head back to work noww ! Launching probably on wed or thurs !