Weekend was good.

Eating very well. At the rate I’m going , Im gonna have a round and really round face.

Looking at my photos..i knew i gained a lot of weight. From post break-up 40kg to now 47kg in 3 months. My cheeks looked so chubby now. Damn sad. Trying to endure but kept feeling hungry and keep eating esp when i work till very late like today.


Dinner on friday night with my date Mr D 오빠 below his office at PSA building. We went to an organic food restaurant. Food was delicious but….not filling and quite expensive. Nevertheless , we enjoyed the our chicken tikka.


Because we were not full , we decided to head down to Marina Bay Sands. Pasarbella happened to be there and we went for the burger. Again…my stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. $20 burger and no fill. And finally i brought my camera out . Finally see day/night light after 2 months ?

Enjoying the SG city view , good company and food was so-so.


오빠야 ~~ 고맙다 ! 행복하다 !

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My $20 so-so and not delicious burger. The fries taste better than the burger. We were a little disappointed with the burger though.


Nevertheless i enjoyed myself that night and it was an awesome night with my date Mr D.

And my Hera and Sulwhasoo stuff arrived from Korea. Bought another batch from my friend’s sister who works for Amore Pacific. Helped my cousins to get theirs too. KRW1400 worth of products finally arrived.

I got my usual basic set of cleansers , moisturizers , toners , emulsions etc.

But here are the new ones i got for myself.

My 2nd bottle of Cell Bio Cream. I use it together with my Cell Essence.

My skin looks much clearer and radiant after using. Im such big fan of Hera. Their products really gave me results. You can’t find this brand in SG. It is only available in Korea. Started using Hera since last July during my 2 months stay in Korea. My readers who read my blog went Korea to get this and they also emailed me that it improved their skin radiancy and texture. Hera is sooo addictive. I think i had almost everything from Hera except for some serums.

Cell-Bio Cream.


I used it together with Cell Essence. After applying the Essence , i apply the Cell Bio Cream.


My friend’s sis introduced this sleeping pack to me. She says it gives you bling bling skin in the morning. Lol. So i tried and my skin looks clearer the next day. More radiant. Sulwhasoo is more expensive than Hera. So i only get sleeping packs or serums from Sulwhasoo. The basic and essence range from Hera. I bought my 2nd pack of Hera UV Mist BB Cushion in N21 too. Love it. So moisturizing and has a more pinkish tone compared to other BB cushion I’m using.


My eye roller is depleting and I’m gonna order with my whitening serum next time round in April ! Hello beautiful skin !

Good night !

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    hi babe, did you put the cell essence and cream after your 4 steps of basic skincare ?

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