I think my body is starting to feel “OLD” . The 3 hour shoot on Monday makes me so tired for 2 days. After the shoot , i went back to sleep for a while before heading back to office for work till late again. Woke up at 8.30am on tuesday morning.

Finally i managed to squeeze some time out today and head down to Salon Vim to get a new hair color , treatment and hair cut.

Mention my name “Pei Ling” to enjoy 10% discount off at Salon Vim 313.

I went for Cheon Song Yi’s haircut from the Kdrama – My love from the stars.

It is slightly layered at the bottom.

cheon-song-yi-laneige-lipstick_4 Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.36.09 PM

But because my fringe was not as long as hers , so i can’t really get the same hairstyle. Cant wait for my fringe to grow longer. Longer fringe makes the face looks smaller and more V-lined.

P3181149_mr1395151831421 P3181158_mr1395151510327


My new hair color. Lavender brown with Mahogany.


Here are some designs launching soon this week.

Stay tune for the launch !

Crop top with leather trimmings.


Biker Jacket

FEE_1200 FEE_1275


Peplum Top

FEE_0871 FEE_0892

A very versatile basic top that goes with anything.


And textured embossed tube top.FEE_0932

Stay tune and will blog about my leg VPL hair removal soon.