AE just launched a new collection on Thursday !

*My FB screwed up . Spring Collection 1 album did not appear on timeline and you can only view it under Album nor the list of winners for that collection.  Anyone can help me with this and what happened ? Why m i always sooo suay siao when it comes to technical stuff ???!!!!

Banner Spring 2

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.11.41 PM

There are many exciting promotions coming up in the month of April and May !

Stay tune for more details 🙂

Also  , we will have strappy dresses coming up soon in the next few series.

FEE_4536 FEE_4528


This maxi dress is a FABULOUS BUY dress which means it is going at under $20.


Met up with friends after work lately and my schedule for month of March was so packed.

BFFs came up to me and told are a strong “bitch”. Going through break ups , death of your dog which accompanied you for 17 years and death of your grandpa in just 2 months and still going sane and not crazy. Because some girls will get into depression.  And because i “MIA-ed” and came back looking “a bit” different , people thought i went for plastic surgery. Actually , i didn’t go MIA. I need time to think and process my brain trying to know which direction should i go. I talked to really good friends like Elaine ( my onni ) , JY , and my Korean teacher. I broke down too in front of them but i picked myself up through their encouragement especially Elaine onni and JY who are always there listening to me even at 2am in the morning. Thank you and big hugs to both of you. Going through with me break ups , relationships and passing of beloved with me. My photographer and MUA too who encouraged me and cheer me up even in the middle of the shoot because no matter what happened in my life , i still have to work and carry on my shoots etc etc except for the week during the passing of my grandpa. We can’t do much or anything. I still tear when i think of grandpa. Im sure he will watch over me from above.

March has been good for me. Keeping my love life a little bit more discreet lately and picking up tennis lesson from a Korean coach with Oppa.  I really need to exercise more. Im gaining weight horribly on my arms and tummy and thighs.

Looking so tired for the past 2 weeks. Fully packed schedule from day to night.


And i don’t think i look really different do i ? Just that maybe I’m wearing brown lenses and  highlight my under eyeline that makes my eye looks a bit different. And maybe I’m gaining weight so my eyelids looks “fatter” resulting in slightly obvious double eyelids.


I can’t wait for this weekend with Mr D.

Good night and TGIF.