Last week , i had a team dinner with Fiona and Pearlyn. It was an awesome dinner and i felt so comfy working with these 2 awesome angels and we became good friends. Definitely want them to take my wedding pictures and make up in future.

Camera 360

I went on a short weekend BKK trip with Mr D.

No shopping during this trip. Just enjoy sight seeing and soak ourselves in the culture. We watched the Cabaret show. The transgender looked damn chio from far but was really disappointing close up. lol.

Been to BKK more than 8 times and this was the first time had street food.

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And thank you for the dinner at Sirocco

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Oppa’s face was mosaic-ed for privacy reasons.
It was an awesome trip and was feeling great.


Gonna mask my face. Feeling really tired after the tennis lesson.


And a selfie to end the day.


Good night and have a good friday!