Down with eye infection cos of eyelash extension.

Had it done more than 3 times at this popular salon but this is the first time i kanna eye infection. -.- Sian

Doc says maybe the glue or tools problem. Because i did not put any make up after the extension. Had it done on thurs evening and i put on make up only on friday night. The pain came on fri afternoon ( no swell yet )  and i thought it was because my body was heaty or not enough sleep.

Infection started on friday night and this was on Sat evening.


This was taken this morning.

Getting more serious. Had antibiotic pills and eyedrops from my GP. Hope it gets well soon. Will take approx 1 week. Meaning no photoshoot this week. My eyelid felt so heavy ! It hurts even when i try to open my left eye wide to read msgs or using the computer. Hurts when i blink. The lash line and eyelid was sooo puffy 😦


Arghhh !!! Feeling so ugly right now.