Just launched Spring Collection 3 !



Had Korean food with my korean gf at Kreta Ayer Road.. BBQ Buffet !

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Had fulfilling meal and a good chat with Choongman. But we spent most of the time taking selcas. I think over 30 shots lol. And only that few passed and the rest were deleted. Eating cold noodles after bbq feels sooo shiok. Thank you for the treat. Met up with Oppa after dinner and went back home together. Washed my hair 3 times and the BBQ smell still lingers. :/

When i was at Sirocco Bangkok , i overhead this American lady standing beside complaining to a Spanish guy that Singapore has the WORST work ethics and Singaporeans are LAZY. She is currently working in Singapore. I felt angry upon hearing that and was telling my friend about it this morning when we were talking about some stuff. Maybe she had a bad experience here but she shouldn’t judge everyone like that just because of one person or one experience.

Anyway , someone asked me..why no photos of Oppa on my blog ?

Well i posted but mosaic-ed his face for privacy reasons.

Let it be a mystery.