Thanks to SONY , i managed to get hold of the α5000 camera (20.1 megapixel) . It is the world’s lightest interchangeable-lens digital camera. Plus it is equipped with a 180 degrees tillable LCD screen which is perfect for talking selfies. With its Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities , you can send photos to your mobile devices !

I chose the black one since i do not have a black body camera.

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It comes in 3 colors – White , Black and Pink and retailing at $799.

You can read more about the specifications HERE on their website


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For a blogger , taking selfies are very important and I’m learning to take good selfies . Not only does the camera matters , you need to take it at the right angle.


With the tiltable LCD screen ,I’m able to capture and see myself on the screen before i snap the picture.

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Thank you SONY , taking selfies is a much easier task now. 

SONY  cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 Challenge

Sony is inviting all fans to participate in the cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 challenge, where participants will have to race against the clock and answer 10 fun and interesting questions about the cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 camera as accurately as possible. Players with the highest scores and fastest timings will be able to win for themselves one of the 120 attractive prizes from Sony, while the top three winners will each receive a brand new cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000.

Click on SONY Facebook Page and its official CONTEST URL to take part or know more about the challenge now ! You could have won the camera !



Guess what , i made yummy Kim Chi Jiggae ( Kim Chi Soup ) over the weekend for dinner with Mr D. Cooked at my home and i brought over.

It used to take me more than 2 hours to prepare and cook. I failed twice before many months ago. The first one was too bland because i didn’t put in Kim Chi Juice and 2nd one was burnt because i used the wrong kind of pot to cook . But this time it took me only less than 20 minutes to get it done and brewing.

Here are the ingredients


1) Most importantly – KIMCHI. You have to use kimchi that are really sour (which means that they were fermented for very long ) . I used the Bibigo kimchi which i bought from thesupermarket many months ago and it was too sweet and the soup ended up being soooo bland. So if you are using the Bibigo kimchi from supermarket ( Those you buy in packs ) , you have to leave it outside the fridge for a day so that it will “turn a bit bad”  for it to become sour. Yes you are supposed to make it “cao seng”. This tip was given by my Korean teacher.

So this time , I went to Takashimaya food basement to get my old and sour kimchi. Yes reallllly sour and i asked for more kimchi juice. The stall sells OLD and NEW kimchi. So you gotta ask for the old one. I got a tub of old kimchi for $15 and i use only half of the tub for the soup. The kimchi juice is the main essence. Don’t throw them away. It is what that makes your soup, pancake or rice sooo yummy.

My yummy tub of kimchi soaked in kimchi juice.


2) SPAM – which you can get from any supermarket

3) Golden mushroom

4) Silken Toufu

5) Tuna – I didn’t use the normal tuna from Ayam brand or other brands. I bought the Ottogi   Tuna which is meant for Kimchi soup. It has a bit of kimchi oil in it which tastes good when fried. I used the normal ayam brand one before and the taste wasn’t so great.


Firstly , get a non-stick pot. I am sooo auntie.. i went Korea last year and bought pots back because they are cheap. Why non-stick ? Because you need to fry the tuna and kimchi in it. I used the normal steel pots last time and all my kimchi and tuna got stuck at the bottom and the soup has this badly burnt smell and a lot of things were stuck at the bottom. I saw that most Korean households use non-stick pots because they usually fry the ingredients before they add water to make soup.

Fry the tuna for about 5 minutes and wait for it to sizzle. There should be a nice tuna smell with slight kimchi smell ( because of the oil ) .


Then add in half a tub of chopped kimchi to fry. I forgot to mention that you need to chop your kimchi before frying it. Chop them into pieces. Fry and let it sizzle then you add in the kimchi juice from the tub. You can add in more juice so that there is more taste. It is the juice that gives you the spicy and sour taste. Not too much else it is really spicy . Let it sizzle and brew for about 5-8minutes and mix the tuna and kimchi together.


After 8 minutes , add in water and let it boil at high heat for 10 minutes.


At this time , you can add in SPAM . Slice them into cubes and drop it in the boiling kimchi soup. I love spam so i added in a lot and i bought the one with less sodium so it won’t be too salty.


And then let it brew over low heat for an hour. By then your whole house or kitchen should smell of kimchi soup. SOooooo yummy .

After an hour , add in the silken tofu and golden mushroom and let it boil for awhile more till the kimchi turns very soft. You can taste it while it is brewing under low heat and see if it is too salty or spicy for you. Adjust it by adding in more water or kimchi juice depending on taste. If it is too salty or spicy , add water. If too bland , add in more kimchi juice.  I brewed my soup for another one hour at low heat before serving time. So mine was brewed over about 2 hours. You can serve it with Korean rice.

It is easy to make and really tasty and healthy ! If you find it too salty or spicy , you can add in more water and adjust to your taste. Remember to buy old kimchi or else your soup turns out bland or sweet.

Mr D’s verdict – So delicious , he finished everything. He didn’t expect this standard from a non-korean. 10/10 for my kimchi soup !

Just finished my photoshoot and I’m dead tired. Gotta rest before going back to work.

Have a good day and enjoy your Kimchi Jiggae !

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  1. babygerr says:

    Hi peiling, which stall frm taka basement did u get the kimchi from? The amt u bought can cook twice since u mentioned u put half?

    what about those at shine korea supermarket? R they new kimchi?

  2. Peiling says:

    Hi , i never take note of the store name but the counter sells Korean kimchi. Opposite Yakun. Taka food basement. Prefer this one than those from Shine. I love sour kimchi so the one from Taka taste good.

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