Waiting for 18th Apr to submit Agneselle accounts and tax reporting and phew…then wait for the IRAS letter for tax payment which is damn sian. Report your tax if not IRAS will chase you back for everything if you got caught for evading. Some online shops don’t report their accounts and tax but i suggest you better do it before you kanna the penalty which can make you go bankrupt if got caught or someone sabotage you.

Im turning 28 years old in a month’s time. 10th May. I can feel that age is catching up. I used to be a workaholic. Working 18 hours a day with only 5 hours of sleep which caused the bad health and stress and it took me a year to get my health back. I used to go to the hospital every month because of my bad health. I can’t sleep at night and i need pills to help me to relax my mind. I tried to keep my work life balanced now. Tried not to work after working hours or weekends. I used to work till 2am or 3am at night daily even on weekends. But it is pretty hard to try to stop thinking about work. It is becoming a habit and i don’t feel at ease and kept thinking that work will be piling up if i don’t work at night till late. Now i kept my work-life balanced and things are much better. My health is back..im gaining back my healthy weight and don’t look so tired or shag anymore.

Had my shoot on Monday again. Can really feel that age is catching up. My bones feel like cracking after the shoot. Sooo tired under the hot sun. The girls were busy taking pictures of the place whereas I was busy with selfies . The thing about taking outdoor shoots is that i have to constantly find new places to take pictures. Which is good and i can slowly comb through parts of SG. Found a lot of amazing places.


At starbucks , i was studying while Oppa was preparing for his work presentation. Need some skill to take a nice and blur picture leh !


This week gonna be a busy week and looking forward to this friday. I don’t even know that it is a public holiday lah. Previews for new collection is up on Facebook page !

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  1. Hi Peiling, i hope you have already found your forever happiness. You deserve it.

  2. Peiling says:

    Thank you 🙂

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