Happy Easter !

Had a good dinner on thursday night with Oppa at my favorite restaurant in Tanjong Pagar. I have been a regular over there because the food is good and authentic. I always avoid those with many Singaporeans and go to those with more Koreans for a more authentic taste.

So we had seafood on Thurs night. The last time i had Korean sashimi was in Summer 2013 ( July ) at Busan where it is famous for its seafood ( because it is by the coast ). Oppa is from Busan and so this time , i learnt the correct way of eating the sashimi.

We had lotsa side dishes. It just keep on coming in intervals.

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Flat fish and abalone sashimi. The flat fish is sooooooo QQ ! I love it !

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A lot more side dishes but too hungry and gobbled everything up before i can snap any picture.

So..some of my SG friends and Korean friends asked me if i noticed any difference between men from Gyeongsang-do , Seoul and Jeolla-do ?

To me , you don’t treat a man differently because of his nationality or his race. Just treat him like how a woman should treat a man. But you have to understand and know about his culture. And mutual understanding is important so that you know why is he/she acting this way or doing it this way. I went out on date with Singaporean and a foreigner when i was single but things didn’t work out for these 2 dates. But i clicked on very well with Oppa.

You know , as i grew older i know what i want in a life-long relationship. When i was young , i was blinded by love and did a lot for a relationship and even gave up my entire savings and doing 2 jobs. I asked myself now why must i be the only one who gave in everything ? This is a question i never ask myself in the past which i should have. Sometimes i regretted when i thought about it. Damn Gek sim. I am very sensitive to a man’s temper now. And a man’s faithfulness is also important. Because i do not want to go through the stress and pain which i went through before again. You can forgive someone’s mistake but it is hard to forget the mistake. And it is very hard for a person to change their temper. A life lesson i had learnt. I am very open and truthful about my past to my boyfriend and even people i used to date when i was single.

Now I’m turning 28 and know what i want.  Someone i can rely on , lead a simple and fulfilling life , supportive and have a family with.

Frankly speaking , whether from Gyeongsang-do , Jeolla-do , Gyeongi-do or Seoul it doesn’t matter. Yes, there is slight difference in their behavior perhaps because of their culture. Im slowly trying to know more about Gyeongsang-do. And I find that Gyeongsang-do men are pretty attractive because of their swag. And I’m loving it now. Lol. I hate men who talked too much and prefer men with few words and humble.

Here are some K-pop stars from Busan (Gyeongsang-do)

Taecyeon from 2pm.


Yonghwa from CNBlue

yonghwa CNBlue

A video of Yonghwa and Taecyeon speaking in Busan dialect. I noted that Gyeongsang-do men tend to lower pitch and voice when they speak in their Gyeongsang-do dialect. I find it kinda..hmmmm attractive actually. But their pitch became higher when they speak in Seoul dialect.

This video is damn funny if you understand it.

If you do not know where is Gyeongsang-do….There is North Gyeongsang-do and South Gyeongsang-do. Thanks to my teacher , i got to know more about it.

Here’s a map.


If you go to Busan , you have to try their 밀면 (mil-myeon) which can only be found there. I can have this everyday in summer. I had it everyday when i was in Busan last summer.

Looks spicy but it is not. I LOVE THIS !


Ok , back to the men … Here’s what i noticed ( in my personal opinion because i have friends from different cities ) . Not all mens are what i have described below. But these are based on my observations from my own friends and of course there are also exceptions.

Seoul / Gyeonggi-do– Quite talkative. And somethings they said to you , you seem to have heard it or felt like you are in a K-drama. They are quite open and welcome foreigners ( but there are still some traditional ones and some don’t react to foreigners not because they are rude  but it was because they can’t speak English ). Very up-to-date with the latest fashion. Very sweet to ladies and knows how to please a girl. There are many things to do in Seoul and they are a little bit more exposed to different cultures.

Jeolla-do – Gentleman, friendly and romantic. Friends i know from Jeolla-do are very romantic and things they did for their gfs on their 100th , 200th….bday etc are so sweet. Seems like they can do anything for love. Most of the Koreans i know who are in a very long term relationships are from Jeolla-do. They are very friendly when i was there and curious because they don’t get to meet and make foreigner friends there. Most friends i know from Jeolla can drink very well.

Gyeongsang-do – Men with few words. Cool with swag and masculine. Also dubbed as 상남자. This is definitely my type. Most people’s first impression of them were unfriendly and cold. But it is just part of their culture. It will be good if they can be a little bit more expressive at times to break the ice. Most of the men i know from Gyeongsang-do are very tall ( 178 and above ) . They are the tallest among all my friends ( from Seoul , Jeolla and Gyeongsang ). Maybe because of the masculine swag, i feel very well taken care of.

Well..men are still men. Irregardless which country , province or race they are from , each is unique to its own . And everyone is different. Same goes to the girls.


I had a relaxing long weekend.

Ready for work tonight. Because there is a launch on 20th April , tonight at 9pm !!!

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  1. Hi peiling. Thank u for this wonderful post. U answered qns i have been poundering for a long time. U dont knw how inspirational as a woman u are. i hope u will have what you wished for in your life. U are amazing btw((:

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    Hi Pei Ling! which resto is this? the sashimi looks extremely good. is it expensive?

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    It is beside wabar at tangong pager

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