Im in love with skorts lately. I can wear it short and won’t “zao gang” ,

Here are some upcoming pieces.

I used to shun away from white bottoms but now a days I’m soooo infatuated with white skirts and shorts. These are my wardrobe favorites which i got from my travel trips.


FEE_7620 FEE_7630

I love this crochet tube corset tube top so much i kept them in Navy and White.

FEE_7642 FEE_7661


Off shoulder top will be up next launch but the skirt will be up in May. Manufactured a longer version for everyone. I have to wear safety shorts for my original piece because it was too short. As you can see i gained weight. Ya..when you gained weight , certain “part” of your body will become bigger and i have people messaging me asking if i did fillers…LOL . ya…natural fillers…fats..its free..just eat and eat and eat !

But I have been exercising and taking tennis class.




It was very sad to see the video below. If you understand the language and understand what the parents are saying will feel damn heart wrenching. Those kids are under 20 and can you imagine the parents’ loss ? I teared when i watched this video. I watched it over and over again because it was soooo sad that i can feel their grieve.

The parents were shouting on the mic out to the accident site hoping that their beloved child is still alive and if they can hear them , they will strive to live. The sea water is so cold..everyone knows that it is hard to survive after so many days. But everyone and especially the parents are hoping for a miracle that their beloved child will come back alive or see the body for a closure.

If you do not understand what they are saying , they were calling out to their kid’s name and said that they missed them , hurry come back to mother , if you die ..i will die too , i am waiting here for you…hurry come back…i can’t live without you if you are dead..

so sad…

Given that Korean families are very close knitted. It is really sad to watch this video.
 Read the papers today about the need to change the “hurry hurry” culture in Korea which is partly the cause of this accident. Somehow I’m 50% agree with that.
The Korean “Hurry Hurry” Culture – 빨리빨리 문화 (“Pa-li Pa-li Mun-hua”)
When i was in Korea, everything was done very fast. From the moment you order your food till it was served and billed , It was really fast. Food came fast and bill came very fast. Even when i went grocery shopping at Emart and i have 2 trolley full ( I’m damn auntie , i went there to buy pans , korean chopsticks , seaweeds etc )  , the cashier scanned the stuff really fast and when i pay by credit card , it was really fast. I was really amazed. They are fast and accurate. Even their postoffice delivery is very fast. The country is so huge and i get a parcel from one end to the other within 15 hours. Singapore is soo small but a registered mail takes 3 working days and still can get lost. Don’t say already. My mother complained to IDA a lot of times for lost mails. Showed my mother’s emails to my friends. Damn fierce. Auntie power. And IDA get back quite fast. Except for Korean online shops which take 2 weeks to ship your order. But their internet speed damn fast. I like that cos when i work there , I can load pictures and send emails very fast.
But the con is that ..when the postman came knocking onto my door , he knocked twice and if you didn’t open the door fast enough , he will drop it at the nearest convenience store or postbox. Damn fast please..omg..he knocked twice , i walked to the door and he is gone. I have to chase him to get the package. Even macdonalds delivery and everything very fast. Too fast for me to catch up sometimes.
So when i go out with my Korean friends in SG , they get frustrated when i went shopping with them at NTUC or anywhere. They complained very slow…and when we order food , waiting for food to serve and bill , they also complain very slow. And our internet also very slow. Our 3G also very slow. So ..i will tell them to relax and wait… Not that they are slow ( ok maybe the credit card or nets system is really slow sometimes ) but the staff have to be careful with the transactions you know. SO patience….9 out of 10 of them just don’t like to wait. I have to calm my bf down sometimes too. LOL.
Looking back at my life, i lost my beloved dog of 17 years and broke up with my ex on the same day. And after 2 months , my grandfather passed away. Dealing with 2 deaths and a break up within 2 months. After picking myself up from the break up and death of my dog , i have to face another grieve ( loss of my grand father ) . Seriously , i couldn’t work for a week and most of my customers and friends told me to take break from everything for a week. After all these happenings , it taught me not to ask for much. Giving 100% does not mean that you will get back 100% or more. Be contented with what i have and cherish everything around me. Overworking like mad in the past and getting to travel anywhere i want and hoping my fairytale come true but my health was badly affected. So right now , i keep my work life balanced . 8 hours of work a day. Down 10 hours from the 16 hours or 18 hours i did last time. Having enough rest means i can concentrate better and i don’t look so “cui” and tired. Someone asked if it was the reason why Agneselle site was not as active since Feb ? Nope.. that is not the reason stocks were delayed and need do accounts for tax reporting etc…!!! I can’t wait for the new designs to arrive though esp the skirt cos i want a black one too !!!!
Styles for summer designs will be a little bit different. So stay tune !
Anyway i wanna thank my readers and customers for the support for the past few months when i was going through a difficult time.


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  1. cheryltaro says:

    Hello! 🙂 I love Agneselle and just recently started following you here 🙂

    Haha I did notice that agneselle was less “fast” than before, but I’m glad you’re taking care of your health and putting yourself (and family and friends!) before work ^^

    I also wanted to ask if there is any possibility you will be bringing the relax resort shirt in white, size s back any time? I like it so much but it was sold out so quickly!! Hahaha!

    Thank you! Do rest sufficiently! And you look like you have a healthy glow in the recent pics 😀

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