My room..hmm or should i say my dressing table is becoming like a Amore-pacfic counter…hmm more of Hera and Sulwhasoo counter. Because i have almost the entire range of white program and hydration range from Hera and LOTSA of Sulwhasoo samples. Because Sulwhasoo is so expensive , i don’t really buy the big bottle , i asked my friend from Korea who is working for Amore Pacific to send me lots of Sulwhasoo samples instead. Because i bought all my facial and make up products from her and have it shipped to my house from Korea. She is a beauty counsellor for Amore Pacific in Korea. Cant wait for her to come to Singapore for her company retreat. So i can bring her around. She will recommend me what is new , good and how to use it to achieve beautiful “bling bling” skin. My room is now filled with so many samples that i have to buy those drawers to put under my dressing table to store them and name each drawer ( e.g..essence , make up base etc ) ..too many.  I have to buy tupperware from Ikea to store them too.

Friends who came over to my place will always go to my dressing table and ask for samples to try and try my products. Im like giving away samples from my home. Lol. I have hundreds of packets of them and including masks. Which means i save a lot of $$ ! Instead of buying a KRW 210,000 bottle of Sulwhasoo essence , i got the samples that is equivalent to one bottle instead. Because I’m a heavy facial product user and i always buy the entire set from Hera , my friend gave me a lot of samples. Im like her VIP regular customer. I seldom go shopping , buy clothes , accessories or handbags because i invest on my facial products. That’s why i hardly have any OOTD. But if you want MAKE UP OR FACIAL PRODUCT of the day , i can snap a lot of pictures for you. LOL.

It does feel good when most people i first met up with thought I’m a university student because i look young and friend’s 22 year old brother asked for my number because he thought i was 21years old. I feel good not because these people asked for my number. I feel good because i know my hard work in maintaining a youthful look paid off.  I don’t smoke , don’t drink and don’t club. The most unhealthy thing is probably i love coke and coffee. I drink a lot everyday.

I think I’m influencing my friends , my blog readers whom i chat on whatsapp and cousins on the HERA and SULWHASOO fever. Lol. Everyday i have more than 5 emails asking about HERA products. I tried to check my blog email at least twice or once a week because of my busy schedule.  Sounds like free marketing for Hera lol.

Weather was crazily hot these days and humid. My friend’s sister introduced me to this newly launch – Hera Summer Long Stay UV Mist Cushion. It comes in Cover shade ( C ) and not in Natural shade ( N ) so i got the one in C21 instead. The normal one i used is N21.


There is a reason why is it called LONG STAY. It doesn’t melt under the heat. Unlike other cushion which melts off easily. This is good for summer especially in SG weather. It stays on for 12 hours and does not smudge like other foundations or cushions. After i used Hera UV mist cushion ( both normal and long stay ) , i stopped using other bb cushions anymore. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And my friend gave me Hera Magic Starter (Blooming Moisture) to try. I apply this before putting on the foundation or UV Mist. Makes my skin look very dewy and flawless. I really like the texture. It is very soft and smooth. Unlike any other primer or base i used before which is too oily and glossy. This looks natural. I don’t put on a lot of foundation or bases because if i do , i will look too pale. Sometime i skip foundation or bases if my skin looks radiant or clear that day.


She recommended me No 3 in Blooming Moisture.


I applied the magic started before my BB cushion.


You know some times i can’t believe this little thingy i bought home just 3.5 months ago grew sooo big  !

From this…


To this…

She looks small when D carried her because D is very tall and big. But when i carry her , machiam carrying a lamb on my back. Sometimes i thought that she is already few years old because of her size and took me awhile to think that my dog is still a puppy in teething phase and going to 6 months old ! GASP !

10264963_10152451043658885_6220342354017734523_nWhenever we go out , people comment that my dog looks like a little lamb. Because of her ears , fur color and size.

Haven’t been to my tennis class for 2 weeks and now my skill is sooo cui. It is as though I’m playing badminton and the ball fly very high up. And when you are with 3 baseball players. The tennis became a “baseball” pitching against the wall.


My bday is next saturday. Happy 28 !

Upcoming dress for next launch !

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  1. Ann Wong says:

    Hi PL, can I know what is the price range in SGD for Hera products? Like for the long stay cushion? Abt 40 – 50 sgd on avg or cheaper? I am thinking of asking my friend who is going to Korea to get for me. Thanks

  2. Peiling says:

    Depends on exchange rate.. it will be about SGD 45- SGD 50 with refill pack.
    Hera is not available in SG.

  3. LadyR0uge says:

    Hello! I am looking to buy that BB cushion. Which one do you prefer between the long lasting edition and the normal one? I live in Canada, but I plan to visit my bf who’s working in Singapore somewhere this summer. Thanks!

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