Managed to chance upon a Japanese eyelash extension studio at Liang Court when i went out to meet customer at clark quay. Liang court has a lot of japanese shops. Fortunately , they have a slot at 12noon and so i went to have it done ! Took about 1.5 hours and pricing was reasonable. And the glue and stuff they use don’t sting my eyes. I went to a Japanese and a local eyelash extension studio before and sometimes i tear abit when their glue or product they used sting my eyes. But this one i chanced upon did not sting my eye and they have a cute princessy make up table for me to put on make up after the eyelash extension was done. Pricing was reasonable. $100 for 130 lashes and above. Because i remove my make up and cleanse my face gently so my eyelash extension usually last me about 6-7 weeks. I went for natural mix of C and J curl , medium thickness and not too long. Longer at the wing of my eye and shorter in the inner eye. Maybe next time i wanna try the vavavoom longer length ones and try lower lash extension. Let’s see !


After that , went to meet my lovely Sena Kim for lunch. Had my lunch at 3pm and was soooo damn hungry my stomach was growling when i had my eyelash extension done. So embarrassing.

After our lunch at Toa Payoh , i brought her to get her express gelish manicure done at $16 at Bugis Village ( out of point but macbook’s auto spell is damn irritating…can’t even type gelish and kept appearing as relish !! ) .

This time i had express gelish pedicure done at only $20. Chop chop..15mins all done. I cant remember the shop name and took me along time to find it because the place is sooo messy !!!

I asked for their classic medi and pedi services pricing. $58 for classic medi and pedi done together. Cant remember their individual pricing though. If im not wrong classic medi is around $30 and classic pedi is about $33-$35. Very cheap. I paid $135 for the classic gelish pedi and gelish mani done at Bishan for CNY !

My pretty girl Sena ! She is just like my younger sister and i bought all my Hera and Sulwhasoo products from her sister who is in Korea. She is soooo fast..shipped out the day after i ordered.


Brought her to JCO for tea since she wanna try the donuts.


Damn hungry and it is only 10am ! Looking at the donuts , i wanna eat it now !

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  1. Jeslyn Teo says:

    hi Peiling, able to share which shop in Liang Court that you did the eyelash extension? Thank you.

  2. Peiling says:

    The Eye Studio

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