Piggy out for the past few days. I had BBQ for 2 days in a row.

First was the Mookata at Golden Mile with CW , Stanley and Mel. Nice dudes whom i treat them as my bros. Really nice of them to bring me out for yummy food. The soup is damnnn unhealthy. I never drink it because the oil from the pork just flow right down into the soup base along with the burnt bits. We ordered 2 set because we want a bigger table ( 2 tables for 4 pax ). Price wise i think quite ok because alot of meat.

20140502_194105 20140502_194109

First time having Mookata and i think it is relatively ok. I prefer steamboat or just BBQ alone.

And i had Korean BBQ with my gf at Tanjong Pagar the next day. This set includes side dishses , steam egg and a bean stew soup. $65 and relatively ok. We added cold noodle. Shiok to eat that after BBQ  and this is their way of eating.

We started with beef and pork belly.


Ok , that’s not all. There were 4 types of meat..2 beef and 2 pork. Just that we were grilling some and that was what’s left on the plate.

20140503_185307 20140503_185317 20140503_185321

Yummy dinner and suffering from indigestion cos of the oily food for the past 2 days and i washed my hair many times to get rid of the smell. Lol.

Elaine and i went to a cafe for cakes after our BBQ. Feel so fat right now.

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We had strawberry peach cake and rainbow cake.

Hmm…rainbow cakes are “picture friendly” and my friends told me that her rainbow cake picture got the most likes on instagram even thought she had only 200 followers. But it just taste like sponge + colouring + cream. I tried rainbow cakes 3 times from different cafes and pastry shop. None of them WOWed me. Cant find one that will wow my taste buds.