I was working in the day and a “part time” tour guide at night for the past 2 days.

Same routine. Lol. Clark quay , Merlion, Marina Bay Sands , Newton food centre , Chinatown , Little india etc.

Enjoying the breeze at Merlion park after walking for 30 mins from Clark quay Mrt station to Merlion park at Fullerton in my high heel wedge. Oppa’s friend walked like a robot..very very fast….I was trying to catch up with his walking speed.


Then from Fullerton to Marina Bay Sands. From Clark Quay to MBS by foot within 1.5 hours. Really damn zai. But he started earlier alone from Chinatown and i only joined at Clark quay after work. And then a dessert treat from the boys at Coffee Bean. I had Apple crumble. Sometimes , it is not just the fancy and “picture worthy” cafes that serve nice and good food. I went to some and wasn’t impress with the food and neither do my friends. Their presentation looks good and “photogenic” and that’s all. But some of these cafes do serve nice food and fresh pastries.  The “cliche” cafes like Coffee bean , Starbucks , Dome serves better pastries and food sometimes. This topic came about when i had dinner with Jiaying and we both agree on that. ( We have been friends for almost 5 years. From a regular customer to my bff now. Lol. AMAZING !!! Thank you for being such a good friend my dear !!!!!! )

Apple crumble from Coffee Bean. Not very very sweet and that’s why i like it.


Can you guess which one is my Oppa ? If you know my style…answer is very obvious..lol.

**Posted the original photo midnight but decided to maintain alittle mystery and privacy so mosaic-ed part of the face.


And on wed night, we went to Newton and introduced local food to his friend .Thereafter ,  we head to Nex mall for Gong Cha Bubble Tea.


Wanna shop for a new Bikini for my bday staycation at RWS this weekend. My birthday is on Saturday !!! Wheeee ~~

Thank you for the staycation my dear !~

A friend intro-ed me to a website. Bikini comes with top , bottom and a outer piece. You can choose a free gift ( padding , Hp waterproof cover or a bikini bag )

I thought of getting padding so that i do not need to wear nipple tape. Then i saw alot of padding options. And was surprised to see SUCH thick padding and wondering where can a lady stuff her boobs with a padding like that filling up probably the entire cup of the bikini ??????!!!!!

Of cos i didnt get this . This one is toooo fake liao. So i opted for the bikini pouch which i can also use as a cosmetic pouch.

This is called Glam Padding. Too thick and unrealistic.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.07.27 AM

I got this bikini (couple pic below) and it comes with outer piece dress. About SGD 80 after shipping. Have couple set somemore. Hehe…Shall shop for couple set together next time.

Model is an A cup and she wears it with that 5cm padding. Amazing isn’t it. Her boobs looks like a full C cup.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.13.31 AM

But because that set doesnt come in time , i got one from Bugis . Saw this when i had my $16 express gelish manicure done. Couldnt resist the eyelets. Aviator was $5 or $10 from F21. Cant remember the price. Got it few years back.

Bottom was in “Latina” cutting. And i used to be a size S for bikinis and now im wearing M !!! OMGGG FAT DIE ME !


Dont know what to do to my Victoria’s Secret bikinis. Some were too small right now and looks toooo exposed. Some have been worn soo many times that it loses its elasticity. Sigh…waste money.

Gonna sleep and wake up early to work. Feel soooo tired lately. I cant wait for my staycation this weekend. Just relax and enjoy the company with my love one.

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  1. a3292144 says:

    hi. can i know where the couple set bikini is from please? thanks

  2. can you share which website did you buy your bikinis from? 🙂

  3. ying says:

    You’re very pretty ❤ Even in Korea where there are so many pretty faces, I think you're definitely one of the pretty ones! Have anyone ever said you resemble Nana (from After School)?

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