Tour Guide Day 3 – Little India, Waterloo street, Bugis Street, Haji Lane and Arab Street all by foot.


Sitting outside a Hindu Temple at Waterloo Street while the boys went in to take a look

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And we had Turkish food and sheesha. Whenever i lick my lips , i can taste something “fruity” even if it is after 3 days.

Iskendar Doner in Beef.


Beef Mousakka

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Beef Kebab

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It was looong day and my leg hurts from the walking but it was enjoyable because there were alot of funny moments and only by walking can i get to sight see. Went back home a little early because i need to settle some work before my off day on 9th May.

Tour Guide Day 4 – Sentosa and SEA Aquarium at Sentosa and staycation at Hotel Michael  RWS. Oppa booked a room for my bday celebration.

Weather was soo hot. At Palawan beach and went to the tower.


Took the skyride and bus to SEA Aquarium because the weather was too unbearable. Selfies with the fishes lol and took pictures with Su Bin oppa. I dont know why but many people were speaking to me in Japanese ? Maybe because im have a camera hung on my neck and im wearing a shirt because it is cold in the aquarium.




D oppa checked into the hotel and we both went up. Took a rest before 3 of us head out to Chillis for dinner.


After the dinner , we went back to the hotel for a rest and there came my cake at the strike of midnight 10th May. I love the strawberry cakes from Paris Baguette .


Side of the cake got knocked off abit but still looks good and most importantly taste really good ! I had 3 slices and they had the entire cake …I think everyone was hungry.

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*face mosaic-ed for privacy purposes.


Thank you my dear and Subin Oppa for the bday surprise. Really touched by the gesture.

A gift from Su Bin Oppa. Traditional Korean gift. Everyone in Korea has their own name seal and so he had mine done and gave it to me as a present. A meaningful present.


I was born in the year of Tiger.


D wanna bring me out shopping and buy me what i want but i just want to have a nice dinner together because afterall he had spent money on the hotel, dinners and everything. As i grew older , present is no longer something i look forward to. Instead , i just look forward to a good time and a meaningful one.

As i grew older , the way i took care of my bf is kinda different. It is not about buying expensive presents anymore. It is about taking care , making a good dinner and making him feel comfortable when he comes back home from work. Which is why im learning how to cook local and korean dishes for D because it is not healthy to keep eating out everyday.

Thank you for the special bday surprise.


After eating the cake and a good cool shower , we went to sleep. All of us were dead tired cos of the heat in the afternoon.

The next morning , we went out for a walk and lunch after check out before heading to River Safari. Woke up in the morning with the sounds from a baseball match videos. This was what happened when you are with baseball players. Because they are from Busan and patriotic about their home team , Busan Lotte Giants. I heard the Busan Lotte Giant cheers alot of times lol . Almost every day whenever i meet up with D.

Now the cheer keep ringing in my head …… hmm..

Dragged my feet to wash up and go for a swim at Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool before we checked out. Feels good to go for a swim.


I was tiptoe-ing when this picture was taken. It happens often when you are with a 1.83m and 1.86m tall men. And im always walking in between them. lol. Which explains why am i always in wedges or heels these days and my feet hurts abit when im in slippers now because im used to wearing wedges or heels. But because i have to walk alot these days so i have to wear slippers or sport shoes. If i didnt tip-toe , my head will just rest nicely on D’s chest. He is 186cm and im only 166cm..


Took the River Boat Quest at River Safari and the ride was too short and about 5-8 mins and all the animals were hiding somewhere. I only see plants. I dont think it is worth the ride. I would rather walk by foot around zoo.


Manage to catch a panda , Jiajia or Kaikai. Dont know which one is it but anyway , it is super duper cuteeee !!!!!!


Feeling hot and tired but it was definitely enjoyable.

Kinda sad that Su Bin oppa’s holiday in SG ended and going back to Busan.

The black bikini i bought from a Korean website arrived and i like it ! Will take a picture of it soon.

Happy 28th Birthday Peiing and i hope my wishes come true !!!!!

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