D and i came back from BKK holiday trip 2 months ago and we were already missing Thai food. When i was invited for a food tasting session at Siam Society which was located at Jalan Riang , i was wondering if they have my favourite Tom Yam Gong and Phad Thai. D and i love Phad Thai and we had that everyday in BKK.

So on friday night , we went down to Siam Society at 15 Jalan Riang ( next to Wimbly and Cajun Kings ) which is soo near to D’s house for our Thai dinner.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.00.37 PM

Siam Society is founded by two brothers on 13th November 2013 who love to eat thai food but find that most of the thai food found locally have been too toned down to suit local taste. Hence in order to bring authentic tasting thai food to Singaporeans, the two brothers decided to start Siam Society, and aim to let people enjoy good thai food at the least expected place in the least expected settings.
The motto of their shop is authentic thai cuisine with a modern twist.
They have a team of thai chefs from Esarn Thailand so you are sure to have authentic thai food at an affordable price. There are more than 60 Thai Dishes over there. D and I spent sometime flipping through the pages of menu. I think there are at least 8 pages including the drinks menu.


The restaurant was full when we arrived at approx 8pm. So be sure to call in for reservation before going down.

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For beverages , we decided to try authentic thai beverages so we had Thai Ice Tea and Lemon Grass drink. The ice tea had a slight lemon grass taste which i really like alot.
Let’s start with the usual Thai dishes everyone knows of.
Our favourite was the first one to be served. Phad Thai. Alittle bit dry but D was really enjoying this dish. It is really nice and alot of prawns.
Tom Yum Seafood Soup. 
The prawns were big and fresh. The soup is really nice. Most Koreans do not like the taste of Tom Yam because it was too sour. But D commented that he like the taste of this tom yam soup. This is the first time i see him eating Tom Yam because he usually says NO when i asked if he wants Tom Yam Soup.
I love the taste of the soup. Not too sour or dry. Alot of ingredients in the soup too and the prawns were succulent.
Green Curry Chicken.
The green curry was thick and the chicken was tender. This is our 3rd favourite dish. Super love it when i pour the gravy onto my rice and eat it with the chicken.
Alot of ingredients ( chicken and veggies ).
Another prawn dish and this is our NUMBER 1 vote .
Yellow Curry Prawn.
The sauce is INCREDIBLY yummy. We scooped up the sauce onto our rice and ate it with other dishes. D was asking if i can cook and make this because he LOVES it alot. The plate was really clean cos we ate it all up and the prawns were big and succulent. We could have just eat the sauce alone.
Thai Style Morning Glory ( Kang kong ). 
D and I love Kangkong and this kangkong was well cooked and not over cooked. You know some restaurants or hawker centers overcooked their kangkong and ended up being tooo dark and soggy. This Thai style kangkong is crunchy to bite. But i would like it to be a little more spicy though. So if you are someone who can’t take too spicy food. This veg will be good for you.
Weeping Tiger (Grilled Sirloin Beef)
The beef was tender and it comes with a Esarn sauce to dip in. The beef tastes really good when dipped into the Esarn spice sauce. Tender and not very dry. This is their signature dish so if you were to come to Siam Society , be sure to order this dish!
Steam Seabass in Chili Lime.
We finished the entire Sea Bass because the soup was really good. Drench the fish meat into the soup and eat with it. The soup was not too overly sour and the candle flame below keeps the fish and soup hot to eat. We finished the soup. Very shiok !
Both of us haven’t tried any Thai desserts while we were in BKK. So we decided to have it here at Siam Society. Mango Sticky Rice and Red Ruby. The taste of the coconut milk was not very strong on the Red Ruby so i like it alot. The red ruby was very crunchy and i LOVE IT ! Finished everything myself. LOL.  I can’t take too much coconut milk because of my weak stomach so this works well for me. If you want to have a stronger coconut milk taste , you can ask to drizzle more of the milk.
Traditional Thai dessert – The Mango Sticky Rice.
The mango for the mango stick rice was fresh and juicy. The mangoes taste sweet. I love sweet mangoes!
I dont like how some thai restaurants serve sour mangoes with sticky rice. The “sour” taste overcomes the coconut milk and makes it taste like “spoilt milk”.


Plentiful of crunchy RED RUBY !
So much food for dinner and we decided to walk all the way to home instead. Need to digest abit. LOL .
The ambience of the restaurant was great and the staff were very helpful and great all customers with smile. The restaurant owner Mr Wong Siaw Seng was really helpful. We saw alot of families and couples having their dinner there. So be sure to call in to make reservations before heading down !
Siam Society is located at 15 Jalan Riang.
See picture below for their contact number and operating hours.
It is just 10 mins walk away from D’s house and we will definitely be back again.
My stomach was growling while blogging this at 2am. The pictures make me hungry 😦

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