Fat Die Me. Went for Laksa steamboat buffet with Elaine. She is my food buddy , confidant and shopping kaki.

We had Laksa steamboat buffet at King’s located at Serangoon road. ( Between Kovan and Serangoon MRT ). $47 after GST for 2 pax of ala carte buffet dinner.

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Chilli condiments. Love it.


And we ordered alot of dishes for the steamboat. Almost had food coma after that. Laksa broth is thick but kinda oily so i have to keep stirring. The chicken soup is good and i drank erm…3/4 of the entire pot. The soup has a herbal-ish taste. Damn shiok and high calories. It is buffet..so we just take our time to eat and eat and eat lol.


Totally speechless and tired before we went to Nex mall to shop for groceries. Im becoming more and more domestically inclined. And a better cook now. Thinking what kind of salad to make for Oppa. And i tried to cook at least once a week at his place. Even my ramen taste incredibly delicious with kimchi and my gyoza cooking skills and sauce mixing skills improved. *Beams* hahaha.

Last weekend was a cosy one. Nua-ing at home and hiding from the heat.

And went to watch Oppa’s baseball match on Sunday.


Enjoying the chips and ice cream. Hiding from the heat at the bench and watching him play. The weather was so hot on Sunday that my face flushed and eyeliner melted. Lol.

Oppa hit a home run too 🙂


And then it was my turn lol. The bat is damn heavy. If anyone tries to break into his home will get hurt real bad.


After the match , I went to Tanjong Pagar with the Oppas for dinner.
First time trying this chicken soup dish ( i dont know the exact name) and it tasted really good and herbal-ish. I love herbal-ish soup stuff. And i love dipping the chicken with salt+pepper. Really nice.


And i got to eat all the chicken thighs and drumsticks. The Oppas always gave me all the best parts of the chicken and always never include me when it comes to the bill. Feeling abit paiseh and perhaps i should buy a carton of 100plus or water for their next match. Who wanna sponsor energy drinks ? lol.

Feeling soo fat right now.

Im gonna make yummy salad tomorrow !!!!

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