I had eyelash extension done few days ago. This is not an advert. I paid for my own eye lash extension and i love it ALOT . I opted for D Curl this time , longest length ,medium thickness and cute style ( longer at the center to make the eyes look even bigger ) . Unlimited lashes. It was my 2nd visit.

The staff are all Japanese and i tried to speak English very slowly because if i speak too fast , they dont seem to understand what i want and i have to slow down. But Oppa said it was tooo dramatically long and suggested to snip of abit to shorten it.  It is D curl so the curl is really steep and makes the lashes look really long.  Lol..so i snipped off abit and i think it’s about 12mm or 11mm now ? Still long and thick and peeping over my double eyelids though. Pictures below were taken after i snipped off a little….bit .

Eye lashes played a big part. Looking good when i wake up everyday and even without make up.

I love it . The Japanese lady took 2 hours to get it done and i was sleeping soo soundly and i heard of alot of Japanese when i fell asleep lol. Most customers and staff are all japs and i never bumped into a Singaporean over there before lol.

This eyelash studio is sooo popular that i have to make booking at least 3 weeks in advance.


Took a pic of the staff working on a Japanese customer’s eyelashes.


After snipping off about 1-2mm of my dramatically long lash extension ( pics below ). Looks more natural but i kinda like it abit glamourous.

Only put on Hera UV Mist Cushion , Etude House Cute Eyes Maker for under eye tear line and Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Lip Tint in Sugar for the picture below.

C360_2014-05-27-17-50-16-847 C360_2014-05-27-22-42-56-153

This pic below was taken before snipping like maybe 1mm off ?


Dont know if it is a wrong move to snip abit off. I like the original glamourous looking lashes. I tried not to snip off too much lol. Maybe i should opt for C curl so that it will not appear too dramatic next time. Maybe i should try Korean lash extensions next time and compare the differences , techniques and kind of lashes used. Let’s see !

Top below will be coming up soon 🙂
Love it and wearing it almost every week ! High waisted shorts is my own personal piece and not for sale.



Happy Midweek and im so excited to make my own Parma ham salad tomorrow 🙂

Good night.

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  1. are the lashes comfortable soft? I went once to have extension at another place and i felt that every time I blink my eyes, the area of my eyes itch by the surrounding lashes.

  2. may i know where did you do your eyelash extension?

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