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* There was an error in the article. He was a ship navigation officer ( 2nd officer ) in Korea for 3 years before coming to SG . He works in the shipping industry in SG now.

During the phone interview with the journalist , i recalled how everything happened and it kinda brought a smile onto my face. I was asked whether i learn Korean to meet a Korean man. Of cos not..i learnt the language back in 2011 and 2 years later the Korean boyfriend came into the picture. My love for Korean cosmetics came after my first trip to Korea in 2012. Most of my Korean guy friends know that K-wave is the IN thing now  and some girls learn Korean just to want to hook a Korean bf due to the way K-drama portrays Korean men. The boys know whether you are into them for their nationality or love. Just like how some men know whether you are after their money or love. Men are men. Why was it that i did not get a SG boyfriend ? Are SG men that bad ? Nope..SG men are not bad at all. Infact they are better in expressing their feelings and less MCP. I dated Singaporeans and Malaysians before i went out on date with Oppa. But those dates lasted at most 2 dates or just stop at one with awkward silences at the dining table because there was nothing much to talk about or no chemistry.

And maybe im attracted to men who are more..hmm good tempered and reasonably dominant.

Yes i am being tamed now and domestically inclined. And i do have a talent in cooking. LOL.