This week was not a good start. Suffered stiff neck because of bad sleeping position and i sat at the computer table for 10 hours straight working and only left the seat for toilet breaks. Ended up having a bad neck and shoulder strain. I really want a massage terribly.

And it didnt help when i sat down and studied my Korean language for 3 hours non stop with my head looking down all the time. I told myself i must speak more fluently before i go to Korea next year. I can hold a conversation now but sometimes i still add in a few English vocabs if i do not know the vocabs in Korean. But as for messages and written texts , i have no problem or issue with it. It is just the speaking part because no one speaks that language to me often.

I know how it feels like being away from home and missing home cooked food. Being here alone in a foreign country and always eating out , i tried to learn and pick up few Korean dishes or other cuisines so that Oppa can eat healthily hence i cook at his place at least once a week. And also because im kinda interested in cooking lately. Maybe the maternal or motherly instinct is catching up on me.

It makes me feel really happy to see him eating well. He comes home after along day at work and feeling tired but get to enjoy home cooked food and rest early at home. And he is feeling happy because he feels comfortable and able to take a good rest. And i also get to learn to cook a new dish.

Expectations change as we mature. It is about feeling happy and contented.

This week , i made Dak-Bokkeum-Tang ( Spicy Braised Chicken ). Hyunjong onni taught me how to mix the sauces but i dont have all the spices at my home so I mixed it at her place. Hence there are no pictures of the spices used.

For the sauce / broth –

2 spoonful Korean chilli powder
2 spoonful of sugar
1 1/2 spoonful of minced Garlic
1 spoonful of chopped green pepper (Shaped like chilli and dont seem to be able to find it in SG. I went to 3 supermarket – Fairprice , Giants and Cold storage and all said dont have it. It is different from the green chilli we always use )
1 spoonful honey sweet sauce.
1 spoonful soya sauce
1 spoonful chopped spring onion
1 spoonful oyster sauce
1 spoonful plum juice
1 spoonful 곡추장 Korean Chilli Paste.

The main ingredients –

1/4 onion cut into pieces

1 sweet potato cut into chunks

3 or 4 potatoes cut into chunks

1 whole chicken


Because i dont have the strength to chop a whole chicken into parts , i bought only the drumstick , wings and breast meat from Fairprice. Should have bought thigh part instead of breast. The breast meat is too hard. I seasoned it with 2 spoonful of sesame oil so that the chicken meat will taste abit sweeter.


Fry the sauce that was mixed with all the different kind of spices and wait for it to sizzle before adding in your chicken and onions.


Fry and mixed the sauce with the chicken. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then add in your sweet potato and potato chunks in to fry for about 10 minutes at medium heat.


Then add 2 cups of water and let it boil. Adjust the water input depending on how many chicken parts you put in and let it boil for about 30 minutes at low heat for the chicken to cook. It may look watery or diluted when you add in the water. But as it is boiling , the broth will thicken because of the potatoes. Stir as it boils so that the top portion will get to be mixed with the broth. If broth dries up , add in water bit by bit to your liking.


Once chicken cooked and broth thicken , time to serve with Korean rice and beer.

Here was our dinner on Monday evening. The whole dish took me 45 minutes to cook it. The sauce goes well with the rice and this serving is just nice for 3 pax.


And guess took my OOTD pictures for me ? Lol.

I was wearing an upcoming sweet heart bust-line romper ( coming soon ) and paired it with the blazer launched last year  ( currently out of stock ).


And….guess who asked me to pose with his baseball bat + a 3kg ring weight ? Damn heavy !


Don’t mess with me if not im gonna whack you real hard.


That’s all for today. Gonna go back to work abit because i took alot of rests this afternoon ( laid down to rest my neck in between my work ). Alot to do and reply.

Good night.

My neck and shoulder hurt so bad and i doubt i can have a good sleep for a few days.