It was a wonderful weekend. I had a lovely date at Movenpick Marche at Cityhall with love. Lovely dinner. Love the pizzas , crepes and white beer. Thank you for the dinner date !
The food at Movenpick Marche was really nice and delicious. I want to go back for more crepes and pizza.

I didn’t bring my camera out that night so pictures taken with my hp . So…. maybe the food looks abit hmmm but it is really nice.



Woke up to a rainy saturday morning and went on a girls’ day out with Hyunjong onni while the boys hang out on their own.

Lunch at Omakase Burger in Wisma Atria before we head for coffee at Paragon

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My skin looks radiant isn’t it ? Will blog about it soon.


It is really interesting. Because she cannot speak English , we conversed in Korean. So a group of ladies sitting at the table next to us must have thought we were Koreans. They started discussing among themselves in Mandarin that i must have something done on my nose , eyes and forehead. This is really funny because i am Singaporean and i understand Mandarin of course. So i just kept quiet and listen to their conversation. One of the ladies confidently said that i must have made the inner corner of my eyes deeper and wider , rhinoplasty done on my nose and fat grafting on my forehead and cheeks because her colleague also did that. I wasn’t angry or anything but find it amusing to listen to what others were talking about my face. So i just kept quiet and continue conversing with Hyunjong onni. Also encountered a couple where the gf asked the boy ” She pretty hor ? Because she did plastic surgery . ” She asked her bf in Mandarin. I guess they must have thought that the Koreans might understand English so they conversed in Mandarin. But becareful because some Koreans understand Mandarin okay ! I have friends who speak fluent Mandarin.

I find it abit amusing and to be honest..dont know whether if it is a compliment or insult to look like i have something done my face. Even my Oppa thought i had surgery done the very first time we met. His friends asked me too. They asked if i had my nose and eyes done. Because the inner corner of my eyes are deep and have this tear drop curve and outer corner is long. I received alot of comments asking if i had my nose done too. And i did not go for my eyelid surgery in Seoul even though i wanted to earlier this year. The eyelids come and go as and when they like. On some days , they are so prominent and on some days they just disappear or have a faint line. I dont know why but probably because of the weight gain.


 I have tried to explain many times that i had nothing done on my face and the most “invasive” thing i considered done was just jaw botox for a more defined V shaped jaw line that’s all. Haha so i don’t know to consider it as a compliment or insult to look hmmm abit plastic ?

Even though i have been in a relationship with Oppa for 4 months , we are very close. There are alot of people asking when are we getting married especially my close friends. The topic of marriage did came up in our conversations like holding it in Korea , SG or other places . And we want to have our pictures taken in Korea etc.

Busan men are well-known to be cold and cool , manly and man of a few words. They don’t express their feelings or emotions. Haha frankly speaking i do experience it sometimes but not that serious. In Korea, they call it 상남자 ( sang-nam-ja ).

So if you have a sweet heart from Busan , this is what you can do to “move” their hearts.

1) Aegyo 애교- most Busan men i know prefer girls who Aegyo and not someone who is too strong. But do not over do it. Imagine if you and your partner as both cold and strong , fights will occur often. Just aegyo abit and their heart will move. Even when their hearts moved , they do not express it out but their actions do in a more manly way.

2) Learn about Baseball – Busan is well-known for their baseball team. At least know the Busan baseball team – Lotte Giants. And their main stadium is Sajik Stadium. You do not need to love baseball or force yourself to but just understand the rule of the game so you can enjoy watching a game together.

It will be good if you know abit of the Lotte Giants cheers especially the famous song , Busan Seagull. He will be very impressed. See video below

3) Learn Satoori 사투리 which is the Busan dialect ( just like our Teochew , Hokkien , cantonese etc. Official Korean language is the Seoul dialect but different provinces have their own dialects ) – Do not need to be very fluent but know a few easy ones like

Bap-mu-na 밥무나- Have you eaten ?

Geh-an-da 개안다 – I am ok

Geh-an-na 개안나 ? – Are you ok ?

Go-ma-hae-ra 고마해라 – Stop it.

*Yonghwa from CNBlue and Taecyeon from 2pm are from Busan and you can hear them speaking Satoori.

4) Get used to their frankness – Busan men i know are very straight forward and somethings they said can be abit shocking and too honest. Which i kinda like it. They are not wishy-washy.

5) Love Sashimi – Because Busan is well known for its Haeundae beach and well known for their seafood . There are alot of restaurants serving Sashimi in Busan . Not the usual Sashimi we have here but mostly Flat fish. I love it alot !

6) Learn to cook – Doesnt only apply to Busan men but all men in the world. Filling their tummy is like filling them with love lol. Help out in the kitchen during a gathering. Dont just sit outside and wait for people to serve you.

7) Drinking culture – Koreans are well known for their drinking culture. Sitting down at the BBQ table for hours eating and drinking. The record i set for myself for sitting down at a table was 8 hours. Food , beer and soju just keep coming in intervals and just keep talking  from lunch to dinner time. My Oppa drinks every week but im used to it. He calls me when he arrived home or ask me to join him and his friends. There are mutual respect between both of us and i really appreciate that he respects me.

8) Dress abit conservative – Cover your shoulders and chest. It is ok to show some legs but not too short.

9) Learn basic table manners – Facing east side when you drink beer with a group of people older than you. Receive and pour drinks with both hands. Call men older than you Oppa and women older than you as Onni. Never call them by their names only. Bow when you meet them and when you say good bye. Wait for the eldest at the table to start before you even pick up your chopsticks. I am so used to bowing that i even do that to my SG friends lol. It became a habit.

That’s all i can think of now. Points above does not apply to everyone. Haha i have to add this disclaimer. Most importantly be yourself, be polite and humble.

Anyway, Agneselle will be launching a new collection again this week !

I love this high waisted pants in Pink and Blue-Grey. My k-style kind of pants. I was wondering how come the high waisted pants i bought in Korea are always so nice and flattering. It is because of the cutting and fabric used. So i got my pair of black high waisted pants at Garosugil Gil in Seoul last year and decided to make it in pastel colous too. Pair the pink and blue ones with mint or white top for a clean and chic Parisian look. No buttons and just only one side zip. Stretchable for comfort.


Here are some inspirations gotten from Google on how you can pair them.

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We had a similar top launched last year

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