I have been blogging and instagram-ed alot on food lately. Food bombed lol.

Celebrating Anfernee Oppa’s birthday over the weekend !

Hyun Jong onni and Anfernee Oppa prepared so many traditional home cooked dishes. Not forgetting 10+ bottles of Soju and endless bottles and cans of beer.

Anfernee Oppa and Hyun Jong onni are always so nice to me so i decided to chip in and bought a Salted Caramel birthday cake and Magnum ice creams for desserts.


The dishes are all so yummy .



It is Korean tradition to drink Seaweed soup on their birthdays. Just like how Chinese eat mee sua with egg on their birthdays.


We had a long talk with food and beer before heading down to the pool for a swim. The men decided to carry on with their beer and sojus by the pool. Whereas i headed back to the house and helped Hyun Jong onni with some errands,  prepared dinner and looked after her baby while she was busy in the kitchen.

It was a fun night playing drinking games and lotsa laughter and chats. Because everyone was so high and kinda hmm drunk , it makes all the talking and games more interesting. One of them was telling me how he proposed to his wife. He deposited a certain sum into a bank account every month and that money was used to buy his wife a ring and other presents for proposal. In the bank passbook , you are able to leave remarks or messges ( 6 characters if im not wrong ) and for every deposit , he left a sweet message. Sounds like a K-drama but when the wife passed me the passbook and i opened it. Lotsa messages and he really diligently deposited money into the account monthly. I cant remember if he sang this song when he proposed to her or on their wedding day but it was one of those days. So sweet.

I found a video of the song he sang with English subs so you can understand.

But i kinda like the melody of this song too though. Sang by Kim Jong Wook.

It was really funny how this topic of wedding and family culture came about. Because my dear boy shocked everyone at the table by saying something to me out of the blue when we were all eating our dinner ( the traditional way of how Busan men proposed ). LOL because he was drunk and half gone. It was really funny and cute.

It reminded of me this video i saw on youtube.

But abit sian of Bruno Mars songs. I love Bruno Mars but i hear this in almost 2 out of 3 wedding dinners i have been to until sian already. Always hear this when the slide shows were played during the dinner…

Anyway , the dinner was really sumptuous and i enjoyed myself. Learning more of the culture especially family culture. Got to know that the men give their salary to their wives who will manage the finances of the family. And the men usually get monthly allowances from the wives. It is kinda opposite and different from Chinese culture which is the other way round. Drink drank drunk…i guess all the boys had a good sleep that night.

Anyways ,

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Have a good midweek !

P/S : Im cooking Bak Kut Teh for dinner today !

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