I can’t wait for this long weekend. Going for 2 rounds of Korean BBQ with Oppas and girls from Aeon clinic and another round with Oppa and his baseball team. Gonna be overloaded with lotsa meat this week. I guess i must drink more liang teh !!!

Last week’s bbq dinner with Elaine at my favourite restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. Love all my girly dates with her because she is someone whom i can confide any problems or issues to.



 Busy talking and forgot to flip our bbq meat lol.


But one thing for sure , i gained weight. I heard that everytime i meet someone. “Hey , you gained weight” or “Did you just gained weight?” …but well at least i didn’t hear the word “fat” from anyone yet. My cheeks looked really full lately and i dont need any fat grafting lol. But the angle in the picture below was quite bad and i thought i really look that puffy but well , it was just the angle and spot light shining directly at my cheeks and making it look really puffy..heng ah….lol !


This weekend gonna be busy for me…spending time with my Oppa before he leaves next weekend for his business trip to Manila and Netherlands for a couple of months  😦

Loving this week because my skin looks really good and clear. I dont even need to put on much make up bases. And my eyes looked less tired. Less sunburn too ! Gonna share on a sunblock product i got from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic soon !


Weekend was spent watching Korean wedding videos together and exchanging about  Korean and Chinese wedding cultures and traditions. It was really cute how some of his friends said if we need them to dance at our wedding like that they will do so lol. I like the decor. Looks really fairytale like and soo grand..!

So cute lol.

Bride is pretty and Groom looks good and can dance well in the video below. You can skip and forward to 1:00.

Lol. Enjoy the video and good night !

Agneselle just launched on Monday night at http://www.agneselle.com !