It was a tiring weekend because i was down with a bad cold. Felt better when i went out and my cold came back when im home.

Saturday was spent with Hyunjung onni buying toys for her baby boy and Korean mart because i will be making Tang Su Yuk ( Sweet and Sour pork/beef ) and Kim Chi fried rice. Well before heading to Novena for Toy’R’Us and Sol Mart ? I was the tour guide for the day at Haji Lane. We were looking for a dress for her baby’s 1st Birthday.

My outfit :

Top – upcoming at

Bottom – Embossed Skater Skirt in white (S)


Super greedy before our dinner. Bought Honey Spicy Chicken at Bugis Basement. I miss having this street snack in Korea where it is only KRW 1000 .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have been to Haji Lane many times. Each time when someone comes to SG.


Then it is dinner time at Nandos. I love Nandos. Sooo yummmy and i should have ordered half chicken instead. Went home feeling abit hungry. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sunday was brunch at Grub with Clara and i brought her to Bugis for the $16 gelish manicure !

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Happy with my $15 hoodie. Which i can only wear in SG when i got a cold. I don’t think this jacket can last long. Probably gone after 3 washes and the black colour may turn greyish black after one wash.


My jawline got visibly sharper and V-shaped after the Jaw Botox.

Read HERE to know more about Jaw Botox.


Have a good night ! Tomorrow’s monday and i really have to wake up very early for work.

Change in Agneselle’s style and fabrics and lotsa shoots this coming week. So i will be busier ! Cooking side dishes and Korean dishes this week and look out this space for the recipe !!

Good night and don’t catch a cold ! Weather is kind of erratic lately. Rain and shine !