The boys will head to one of their Hyung’s (older brother) house for drinks over the weekend frequently and usually i will help out in the kitchen with the wife learning how to make dishes. I learnt how to make fried anchovies side dish from Hyunjong onni. Each time , i will learn something new and i will try to make it at home again myself

And so , i made a Korean side dish today – Fried Anchovies.

It is very easy and seems easy but finding the correct Anchovies is important and correct amount of sauce. Chinese anchovies are a little too salty and it will be good if you can get the Korean anchovies which is less salty.

Ingredients – Korean anchovies , Korean Soy Sauce, Rice Syrup and Sugar.

Left – Rice Syrup

Right – Korean Soy Sauce.


Oil your pan and fry the anchovies.

Add 1 tea spoon of soya sauce. I will suggest that you add bit by bit and taste to see if it is too salty. Some Chinese anchovies are really salty already and you may want to cut down on the soy sauce. Fry at low heat.



Till it turned abit golden brown , add 1 tbs of rice syrup and 2 tbs of sugar.

Mix the syrup and sugar with the anchovies. It should turn abit sticky. If you want , add some Korean chilli paste with it.


Ready to serve !

Easy and just took me 5 minutes to get it done. You can keep it in the fridge in a sealed tupperware and eat it over a couple of days.

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  1. hello ger, thank you so much for sharing your korean receipe. looks really easy and i cant wait to try it out! can’t wait for your next banchan receipe! 😀

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