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The “Shu nu” (virtuous lady) skirt which my friends nicknamed. I love the green and powder blue one the most and most of my friends who were teachers got this piece for their work. I wore this out with spag top or a crochet tube top on a weekend.


Love this dress and the prints. Very vibrant and i love tube tops or dresses with sweet heart bust down.SMP_2599

I kept this top in all colours ! Pairing it with an upcoming neoprene skirt ! SMP_2574

Oppa has left for biz trip in Netherlands.Though flight was delayed for 7 hours and he was at the waiting lounge in Changi airport. I felt that he was so near and yet so far. Starting to miss him already. Can’t wait to join him in his cosy apartment in Sept.

Before he left , we went to Cajung Kings near his place for dinner. Crab and Lobster !

DSC00124 DSC00126

Garlic fries.DSC00137 DSC00145

Sunday was spent packing and cleaning the house and i decided to cook Korean BBQ at home and with Kimchi Ramyeon. Couldn’t find fat and juicy pork belly at the last minute so gotta opt for a thin one which was the only i can find.


Firstly , i oil the non-stick frying pan with olive oil and sesame oil. Sesame oil gives a nice fragrant to the meat and taste better and not so bland. Add a little bit of salt before flipping over the first time.


Weekend was really tired with the packing and cleaning. But the quality time spent together was amazing. Can’t wait for Sept !