2 weeks ago , we decided to go to Trick Art Museum.
The queue was horrible. Waited for almost 1.5 hours just to get in.

Nevertheless , we had fun and spent quality time together at Trick Art Museum , Dinner at Marche and stayovers watching Korean movies.


Saw these 3 kiddos and they all looked sooo cute together and the one in the middle is soooo pretty ! I guess she is Eurasian.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This was super well taken hahaha.


It has been 3 days since Oppa has left for Netherlands for business trip. He will only be back in SG end of Oct. Before coming back , he will be going back to Korea for few days and i guess i have to pass him my HERA shopping list. Hehe…

오빠야 ~ 헤라완츄 …오빠사주세용…아잉 ~~~ 뽀뽀 ^^

Hahaha i guess if he sees the sentence above , he must be sighing, shaking his head and laughing. Haha Aegyo-ed. I think i will shiver down my spine if someone said that to me too. This is just for fun okay…i dont always do that. haha.

Feeling abit strange not having him around. Because we used to meet like 4-5 times a week and had stay overs.  And due to time zone difference , we can only text certain time of the day between 2pm to 1am (SG time) which is his working hours. I guess i have to get used to it because he travels often for biz trip and probably a long one once a year. Well , it is better than his previous occupation as a ship navigation officer where he is out at sea on the ship for 6-8 months straight. He has the license and certification to navigate and operate a ship vessel (up to a certain size) . I am waiting for a day we can sail on a yatch together ! Can’t imagine if he is still a seaman and will be away for 6 months 😦

Keeping myself busy with work and going for Korean lessons twice a week instead to practice my speaking.

Busy at shoot today and wearing my favourite neoprene off shoulder top tucked into an upcoming skirt ! Sold 6 pieces of the skirt to a friend for her bridesmaids already.

20140811_165855 20140811_165947

This is a close up of the top and upcoming skirt.
Both made of neoprene material which is really comfy and we all love it. 9 pieces of the top  and 8 pieces of the skirt was sold to my friends and my PG is taking one piece too before the launch. Top and skirt launching this week.


SMP_2682 SMP_2672 SMP_2673 SMP_2718

Gonna blog more about my aesthetics treatment soon.

Im sort of into Fuschia or Pink lip stick colours nowadays. For those who asked , im using The Face Shop Face It Cream Matte Lipstick in PK 102. Im not sure if this colour is available in SG or not because i bought it from Korea last year and there was a promotion going on at 1+1 ( buy one get one free ) at only KRW 16,500 !! 2 lipsticks for about SGD 20. I know the 2nd pic looks spastic but that is the only one which you can see the true colour of the lipstick..hmmmm

C360_2014-08-10-17-08-08-135_mr1407664102702 C360_2014-08-10-17-09-39-849_mr1407662814952