Because i was feeling abit tired lately and i caught a cold, my skin became dry . It always happens when i caught a bad cold. I don’t know why too. And as you know i love dewy looking skin. So i now tried to put on mask pack twice a day after my daily skincare routine. I can feel how dry my skin become when i applied my UV mist cushion or foundation. It just doesn’t have the shine like it used to. So lately , i have been putting on the 물광 ( “Mul-guang” which means Dewy look like water. “Mul” is water and “Guang” is radiance or glow ) make up look. So that the skin looks dewy.

This is the back of my palm without any foundation.


I mix my foundation with moisturizer at the ratio of 1:1. If you want your skin to look more dewy , you can apply more.


I mixed it with a plastic spatula ( the one that comes with Laneige Water Sleeping Pack ). I didn’t throw these away. I keep them so i can mix my foundation with highlighter or moisturuizer.


Also , i spray some facial mist on the mixture before i apply the foundation (mixed with moisturiser and facial mist ) on my face with a sponge.


And i blend the foundation on my skin.  Skin looks naturally dewy especially when reflected under light. I don’t like to put too much moisturizer because i don’t want my face to look too unnatural or looks like i have oily face. But if you want it to be more dewy , just top up more moisturizer and spray the facial mist on your face after blending.


I seldom use this method because i don’t have dry skin but i caught a cold and feeling really tired and my skin looks dry because of that. Usually i just apply my magic starter and BB cushion. And also because Hera’s waterin moisturizer is very expensive.

I went out with Eunjin and Miran last night for to Tanjong Pagar for Korean chicken and walking around China town.  Both are Korean beauty therapists/aestheticians and they introduced me a product from Etude house that gives the natural 물광 ( Mul Guang) which i shall review after i got the product. It was a good chat with them learning about beauty tips and we exchanged our beauty tips. It is good to get more tips from these 2 beauty and skin care expert. And i have to share an awesome sunblock tomorrow too which i am so in love with right now.

Have a good weekend everyone !

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