I believe most people watched this video on youtube or facebook page.

Frankly speaking. This is one thing that has been bothering me since i started the outdoor shoot. My skin got darker and tanned. And sometimes i was so busy that i forgot to apply sunscreen. I had freckles on my cheeks because i used to tan once a week when i was 18-20 years old. And then now i regretted doing that. Ok , having a little tan looks sexy but once you got fairer , you will start seeing the spots.

From the outside , my skin and complexion looks good. But somewhere 2 months ago after i went to Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic and did the VISIA® Complexion Analysis , i got abit worried about the sun and UV damaged done to my skin from all the weekly outdoor shoots. The analysis showed something like what you see in the Youtube video , the spots and parts of your face damaged by the sun UV rays. My forehead , cheeks and nose bridge were the darkest because they are the protruding parts of my face that are exposed to the sun the most. So after the analysis and explanation by Dr Kim , i am very very disciplined when it comes to applying sunblock.

I mean i do apply sunblock but only if i am going out for outdoor shoot , watching my Oppa play baseball or when i am out for day activities. I don’t really apply if i went out shopping or having tea with friends because i thought anyway , i wont be under the sun for too long. But now , i apply sunblock everywhere i go and wore cap out to the market place near my home. I try to shelter my face from the sun if possible.

I avoid the dewy skin make up look when the weather is really very hot. Because the sweat + all the make up makes the skin looks shiny. So i just mix my Hera HD Foundation and Aeon clinic’s Dermamax sunblock together. The sunblock is tinted so it still gives off a sheen on my skin.

After cleansing and my usual skincare routine , i apply a layer of sunblock before the sunblock + foundation mixture.

I mixed them in the ration of 1:1 and if i want more coverage , i pump more foundation.


Both the textures of the sunblock and foundation are almost similar so they mix in very well.

If your sunblock is too creamy or oily , the mixture turns out abit clumpy and it may be difficult to blend onto your skin. So choosing the right textures for both sunblock and foundation is also important.


After blending.


Weekly photoshoots are very tiring but i can get to explore the little crannies and cafes in SG. It is amazing how the team are always excited and amused to see a vintage staircases , buildings etc and kinda sad that the govt is slowly tearing down this places. Also , the staff and management teams at the cafes i went to are very nice and friendly. Their attitude are very positive. I am not saying that just because they sponsor the location of the shoot for Agneselle. Some cafe staff or even marketing staff or managers are really rude and snobbish when you asked if you can use their place. Like when i was out with friends having lunches at cafes and i thought the place looks good and i asked the manager politely and he gave a NONONONO , we are not a photo studio answer. Then their attitude during serving also change after i asked. Such a negative attitude. Afterall , i am still a patron and i came in to eat and enjoy brunch with my friends before i even asked you or know your cafe existed. Once i encountered a cafe owner who was sooo proud and snobbish and said ” If you pay , you can use anytime you want (snobbish tone) . My cafe is very popular and $500 per hour to shoot ” . Looked around , the cafe has only one bar table which sits 5 pax. If everyone bought the most expensive sandwich set it is at most $15.90 before GST. That’s at most $150 in revenue ( not including takeaways) .Then a friend of mine who is the owner’s friend told me that the owner complained no business and bad sales lately. So i know that’s why he want to charge $500 per hour for using the small cafe for shoot probably to make up his loss in income in his business. Business sense. But still , it is still nice to be polite. Some cafes replied and they declined politely and some who require charges which i think is too high or some cafes who emailed me to invite me to take pictures in their cafe but i find that the place is not suitable , i also declined politely.

Be polite and positive.

Management’s attitude also reflects on the staff’s attitude and service.

I went to cafes for shoots lately and i will say the staff and management teams of those i went to are sooo friendly and positive. Everyone is carrying a smile on their faces when they serve and even when i was there for a shoot. Of cos , i will be automatic abit and order some things to eat but not too much because i don’t want to look bloated before shoot. After the shoot , i will drop an email to thank everyone.

A positive environment makes everyone happy and a better environment to work at.

I found a new cafe hidden at an unusual place. It is just opposite Oppa’s office and we walked past so many times but didn’t know that it existed.

Portico Restaurant.


I had Truffle Fries with Truffle mayo. Tastes really good and nice. Looked at the menu and saw many dishes i want to try and i shall bring my bf here next time after work.

Wearing an upcoming scallop crochet dress which will be available soon in 3 colours at http://www.agneselle.com


Another one of my favourite dress too. Available in Black and Navy. Coming up at http://www.agneselle.com


Sooo yummmy ! The staff are so friendly and nice. Everyone seems very happy and positive. Great Service !


I can’t wait discover and explore hidden gems in Singapore.

Photoshoots are tiring but there is always something we look forward to.

* i didn’t cut my fringe. It is clip on bangs 🙂 ^^