When people heard that i have aesthetics such as laser toning , BBL and jawline botox done , their first reaction will be like ” You are still young , why do you have to do all these ? “

In my opinion , it is never too early to start. If i didn’t start early , i wouldn’t have such good complexion at all. My mother “forced” me to cleanse my face every day since i was in Secondary school. She will buy drug store brands like Biore and Shokubutsu for me and i started since young. When i was 16 , she bough a set from Lancome for me. Lancome used to have a skincare line for young girls like me back then and i think they discontinued this range after awhile. Then i moved on to other brands like Biotherm etc before i settled for Hera since last year. Well , i think that starting to cleanse and take good care of my skin since young is a good start but the only thing i regretted was how i loved tanning during my Junior college and University days. I used to think freckles are cute and now i just want to get rid of them.

Good genes play apart to in the good complexion. But as i grew older , my skin needs more help. When i apply my daily skin care , i don’t just slap them on my face and rub it in. Instead , i took sometime to massage the serum and lotions so that they are well absorbed into my skin. As we grew older , our skin start to lose abit of its elasticity and that is when lines start to appear. Nobody wants the skin on their face to look like a goose neck all saggy and loose right.

Though i am only 28 this year and my skin hasn’t reach that stage yet ( probably because of good family genes and skin care routine ) , i already started to apply and go for anti-aging and firming skincare and aesthetic procedures. I don’t want to wait for the skin to lose all its elasticity then i do something about it and by the time it will be tooooo late !

So last week , i had Aeon Diamond Lifting done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic. This is my first lifting aesthetic procedure and i am soo in love with this. Really. My skin looks tighter and laugh line slightly reduced and my skin texture and radiance improved after one session. Even when i frown , the lines on my forehead are not that obvious. I still can see the lines but they are slightly reduced. Dr Kim told me that several sessions are required to achieve the optimal effect. Different people has different skin conditions, problems and time to achieve the optimal effect so you may want to consult the doctor before going for any procedures. Of cos you need to be abit discipline in maintaining it. You cannot expect to go for laser toning and then the next day go under the sun and get tanned again. In this way , you will never achieve radiant and fairer skin.

Too young to start on face lifting care ? No , i don’t think so. I am in my late 20s and i should start earlier.

Before i was lead to the medical treatment room to cleanse the make up off my face , i was really hungry and Clara served a Korean snack and orange juice. I always get to try new Korean snacks at Aeon and they are so delicious.


After cleansing , i was lead to the laser treatment room where Dr Kim is ready to do the Aeon Diamond Lift.

What is Aeon Diamond Lift ?

(warning : technical and medical jargon following!)

The “Diamond Lift” applicator provides a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, safe for all skin types, for the face, neck and hard to reach body areas. The applicator utilizes the proven (MP)² technology combining Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. Providing no pain, no downtime or discomfort, the applicators unique electrode placement can treat around the eyes, along the jowls and other smaller body parts to smooth skin, wrinkles and fine lines

The Diamond Lift has 4 (MP)² synthesizers for face, neck and arms and each synthesizer simultaneously emits both RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. The energy rotates between any 2 synthesizers in an organized matrix, which homogeneously raises the temperature over the entire treatment area and creates a highly efficient woven dense energy matrix that penetrates deep into the different skin layers for maximum efficacy.

The synergy between Pulsed Magnetic Field and RF in the Diamond Lift machine significantly increases collagen and elastic fiber production in the dermis and it helps to improve the dermal blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus enhances the function of skin cells. These biological effects result in improved tone, texture and appearance of the skin, and a more defined facial contour.

Sounds very “cheem” and “medical” but it is good to know about the procedures before you go for any.

So in short , your skin texture and facial contour will improve.


A layer of glycerin gel was spread on my face before the procedure begins.

The gel warms up after time unlike when you go for IPL or BBL where the gel cools your skin. Heat is needed and generated for this Diamond Lift treatment.


Dr Kim checked on the temperature before we start.


The whole procedure took about 20mins. There is no downtime , no pain and no discomfort. If the applicator gets too hot , i will inform Dr Kim and he will lower the temperature abit.


Jina , the clinic manager will check on the temperature so Dr Kim knows when to increase or decrease the temperature. The hotter it gets , the better the results.


Because of the heat , my skin turns abit pinkish red. It is not painful. It is like when you press on your arm for too long , you will have red patches on the other hand and it goes away after awhile.That is when post Diamond Lift treatment comes into play to clear off the redness.

I had Diamond lift done on my forehead , cheeks and under eye area.


Diamond lift and post Diamond Lift treatment took about  30 minutes in total. There is no pain and no discomfort at all. It just feels like i just went to hot stone facial massage. The pinkish redness subsides within 15 minutes after i applied moisturiser. So you can put on make up and head back to work right after the treatment.

And here was my outfit of the day in an upcoming brushstrokes peplum top.


I love this procedure alot because it firms up my skin and improved my skin texture !
No , i didn’t cut my fringe. It is a clip-on fringe.


If you are interested in the AEON Diamond Lift Treatment, you can visit the clinic and asked about the treatment that I had done.

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