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Im gonna list some of my favourite.

I kept this dress in lilac and green. I paired it with sandals or my havi flip flops , carry a tote and ready to go out to meet my friend. The colour is vibrant and pretty so it doesn’t make me feel dressed up even though i am in flip flops. My favourite grab and go dress when i don’t know what to wear. Because the pastel colours are eye-catching enough and no need to spend alot of time to accessorize.


I am in love with white skirts especially trumpet skirts. It looks cute. The waterfall drape add in a little feminine and elegant touch to this skirt.


It is so hard to find the perfect ballerina neck basic top so i decided to make my own. I found it in some stores but the U neck is not wide enough. I kept them in all colours and they sure go well with any skirts ( printed or basic ).


Needless to say , racerback dresses are always a hit because it makes your shoulder looks slimmer. White and Pink are my favourite colours.


I think i have blogged before but i have many emails asking what kind of Hera products i am using and where to get them in Korea. You can get from their main flagship in Apujeong which is at Gangnam area. The flagship is big and there is their make-up academy. Near the huge MCM store and Givenchy store.

Here are my day care. Mostly hydrating range.

The Aquabolic range. There is the toner , emulsion , eye gel , gel serum and moisturiser. It takes the products to set for about 5-8 minutes before i can put on my make up . I like their hydrating range because of the texture. Not very creamy or oily. Rather smooth and glide on easily.


Night care. I have switched the whitening programe to the night because usually i am exposed to the sun in the day. So the whitening products are for the night. There is the toner and emulsion. Because whitening products tend to make the skin drier , after the emulsion , i will apply the Waterin gel serum and moisturiser from the Waterin range in the picture above.


Here are my essences and supplments. I switch and rotate them.

I apply them at night after my facial sheet masks.

The Cell Essence and Cell Bio Cream goes together. If i use the cell essence , the cell-bio cream has to be used together for an optimal result. The cell essence really brightens up my skin and even my cousins and friends love this product.


Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing pack and whitening serum. I love the pack because i can see my skin looks radiant and clear after i woke up in the next morning. It is also hydrating and has a very nice Ginseng scent. Feels like in a spa.

Sulwhasoo products are expensive and i only buy their serums and packs.


As for cleanser , i am using Hera and Sulwhasoo whitening cleansers. The Hera one comes with small little beads and Sulwhasoo is more moisturising. For a better cleansing effect , i bought the cleansing glove from The Face Shop. Especially after my photoshoot , i need to cleanse my face and clean off all the thick make up.

Buying good products but you also need to take sometime to massage the products into your skin. Not just apply and smack them on like that. Usually i spend about 5-10 minutes applying them. Slowly massaging my face with the products and you can see that you skin looks better too.

Anyway , i hope this information helps those who are going to buy HERA products from Korea !

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  1. Hi! May i know if you use the cell essence and cell bio cream every night? how do you incorporate it into the whitening routine? as in the steps you do. is it the cell essence>radiance water>emulsion>cell bio cream? thanks!

  2. ssohmq says:

    Hi Peiling! May i know the cost of the whole Hera aquabolic range products as well as the cell Essence and Cell Bio Cream? Do they sell as 1 whole set or individual? Thank you!

  3. Peiling says:

    Hi dear !

    nope i alternate it between the sulwhasoo revitalizing night pack 🙂 I use both cell essence and cell bio cream together at night.

  4. Peiling says:

    Its about SGD 450 . Used to be cheaper but KRW rate is now higher so more expensive

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