This weekend was a tiring weekend but an awesome one with my gfs. Met up with my Korean language classmates and Yunmi for dinner at Resort World Sentosa Insadong Korea Town and then to Teo Heng for some K session. The Insadong Korea Town was a tad disappointing . Expected much more after seeing the facebook page but it is just a food court serving Korean dishes. Price was very expensive but food is not bad. The Rabokki is definitely worth it at $9 though. Portion was big and spicy. It is mixture of Korean instant noodle and rice cakes.

Also ,  i received my belated bday gift from Elaine because the shipment was delayed for 2 months.

Perfect Curl by Babyliss Pro

This is really sooo convenient and especially for noobs like me who doesn’t really know how to use a curling tong. Damn fast.

Anyway i tried using it on a section of hair. I didn’t apply any serum after curling it so my curls in the pictures below may look abit messy.

Very convenient. But don’t put in a thick section of hair because it can get a little bit tangled when the machine rolled the hair in. I can’t wait for my hair to grow longer so that i can curl my hair ends using this curler. Looks strange with the curls when my hair is just up to my collar bone.

Pictures below are taken after the curling. No serum was applied.



After curling it , you can apply serum so that the hair looks less fizzy and dry.

Thanks to Salon Vim , my hair is always well taken care off with the Keratase products. This serum is definitely my favourite !

This serum is specially used to manage Dry and Rebellious hair.

My hair is getting drier because of weekly styling for Agneselle’s photoshoot. My hair turned “cripsy dry” after all the hair sprays , hot iron curling and braidings. Looks nice but it did alot of damage to my hair. I cut my hair short in May because of the dead dry ends. Cant wait for my next Keratase hair treatment at Salon Vim for a smooth and manageable hair again. 


Oppa will be going back to Korea for a week in Oct and i am gonna buy some stuff from CJ mall online and send it to his brother’s house. Overseas shipping costs KRW 25,000-35,000 but local shipping only KRW 2,500 ! And he is going to bring back to SG for me when he comes back. Thank you Oppas !

Here is one of the thing i wanna buy but not available in SG 😦

Eye brow stencil. I am a right hander and i always have problem with my left brows because of that. So im getting these at only KRW 1,500 !

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 2.29.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 2.29.50 PM

My body and mind is feeling so exhausted cos of my 3-4 hours block sleeping time.

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