So , i just came back to Rotterdam from Paris , France last night. Back to the land of tall and lean people. Everyone here is soooo tall and lean. It makes me feels like a dwarf. I look so tiny here. Paris is only 2 hours train ride away. Well , i still have to blog about my Prague and Belgium trip before i move on to Paris blog post. My favourite is definitely Belgium. I am not really impressed with Paris after i have been to Ghent and Prague. Paris is a good shopping place and good food but i prefer the architectures in Belgium and Prague. Paris is just too crowded and you get photo-bombed in every photo.

First weekend in Europe.

So , we travelled from Rotterdam ( Netherlands ) to Ghent (Belgium) and on the way back to Rotterdam ,  we stopped by Antwerp (Belgium) for half a day. You can read my blogpost about Ghent here. It is  a pretty small top with beautiful architectures.

I love Belgium !

Antwerp central station is beautiful and i love the architectures. It really has a strong European feel.

You can buy strawberries from the small stalls found in the central station. They sell really nice strawberries. I have strawberries almost once every 2 days here in Europe.




The city centre and square are just 5 minutes walk from the central station. Everyone in Belgium is really helpful and they speak good English.

The Cathedrals are soo pretty and architectures are soo damn nice. I just wanna find a cafe , sit down to have my cup of coffee, desserts and enjoy the view. Never get sick and tired of it. Shops closed after 6pm and every Sunday. So the town is alittle bit quite on Sundays.

DSC00568s DSC00571s



Check out the staircase edges-shaped roofs in Belgium. You will know that you are in Belgium ( if you travel by train ) by spotting the difference in the shape of the roofs.


Travelling by bicycle is a good way to explore the city. Or you can walk.

Trust me , you will lose weight. I lost over 3kg over here in Europe. Because i walk alot EVERDAY. At least 4 hours per day non-stop and the maximum was 10 hours a day in Prague and Paris. Even my tights felt so loose now and D commented that i really lost weight. Actually both of us did.

Walking or cycling is the only way to explore the small towns or cities. But becareful when you rent a bike because cases of bicycle thefts are common.


Having our lunch at an Italian bistro , enjoying the breeze , sunshine and view of the Cathedral. Weather was cool but turned cold when there is occasional wind.

Sometimes hot , sometimes cold it is better to wear in layers and bring a thick jacket along.



You definitely have to try the street food and the Belgium mussels , waffles, chocolates and ice creams. Everyone knows Belgium is well known for chocolates and waffles.


One more local food that you have to try is Frites ( fries with several choice of sauces ) . You definitely have to have it when you are in Belgium and Netherlands. Frites are popular local snacks. Go for mayo sauce and with onions if you like it.

So we had Frites in Antwerp at a popular frite store. The queue was so long.


Serving was huge and it was only about EUR 3.60. We went for the mayo sauce with onions.


Antwerp is a small town and you probably just need few hours here. Ghent and Antwerp in just 2 days.

Glad that Rotterdam is just an hour train ride away from these cities and we can go there over the weekend for a day anytime.