I just had CO2 laser mole removal done on my left cheek a month ago 🙂

      Here was the picture taken before the removal.

I am only getting rid of the bigger one.


The process was very fast and i will rate the discomfort and pain 1/10. It is actually less painful than having a vaccine or injection. Zap zap and done.

A numbing cream was applied on the area and disinfected before the laser begins


After 3-5 minutes , Dr Kim cleaned the wound and i am ready to leave the clinic. There is only slight redness.

Here is a picture of the wound right after the procedure. It just looks like im having a small pimple.


Jina , the clinic manager helped to apply a skin colored plaster on the wound which will help speed up the recovery. I was given a few pieces to change every 2-3 days.



About 5-7days later , my wound healed and i am able to put on make up as usual.
For the first few days , i put on make up but avoid that small area (or can put on top of the plaster). Since that area is very small , does not make a difference if i did not apply the BB Cushion on that area.

This was taken 2 days after the mole removal.


Right now the wound has healed and gone. Dr Kim already told me before the procedure that the color may be a bit reddish upto a few months while it slowly heals. But at least now it is not obvious even without makeup on!

Dr Kim is really patient and asked if i am ready for the laser and the discomfort. It is scary to close your eyes and just hearing laser and machine sounds. But Dr Kim was really professional and ensure that i am in good hands. He is really kind and kept asking me ” Peiling , are you okay ? . If you feel any discomfort , let me know and i will pause .”

Personally i don’t like it when doctors just rush through and quickly get it done like in a factory mode because they want to clear as many patients as they can fast. Some people get impatient waiting for their doctor. But think it in a positive way. If a doctor examine properly and do a good job , wouldn’t it be a good thing ? Rather than having a doctor who rushed through the patient before you just to see you fast and may end up doing a sloppy job and not being careful ? He may do that to you for other patients too ?

Dr Kim is really patient and professional. He doesn’t rush through the procedures and make sure his clients are comfortable and well taken care of. The Korean aesthetic culture way. And his aesthetic view in beauty is very professional. So sometimes i will tell him i want to achieve a V shape jawline and anyways i can achieve it. He will recommend me procedures and advised me what is good and what is not and the side effects.

So now , my mole is gone !

if you are keen in removing your moles on your face , you can visit the clinic and asked about the treatment that I had done.

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