I haven’t been on active on FB except posting my Europe trip pictures and reading on where to eat and where to go.

D is now back in Busan and i am here in SG . Nothing to do on a saturday afternoon , i took out my phone and scroll through facebook.

Wedding pictures , baby ultra scans , babies and family pictures.

All of us have grown up alot. Also  , i read some FB statuses on divorce , hubbies were caught cheating etc etc. Sometimes if you wonder why these people want to air their dirty laundry in public ? Well , some are really desperate to vent their anger , sadness and disappointment out. Some are not looking for sympathy , they just want to know that there are people around them who still love and care for them. They have nowhere to vent it out or someone to talk to at that spur of moment. Letting it out makes them feel better. When you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to be there for you , you don’t mass sms your friends to ask for support right or report to them that you just divorced , broke up or caught your hubby cheating on you.

I started seeing lotsa statuses on divorces and cheating is the main cause. It is kinda sad especially those whose hubby cheated when she is pregnant and some already have kids ( super disappointed with men who can’t keep their dick in their pants when their wives are pregnant with their child and carrying child in the tummy for 9 months is very difficult ). When a man cheats , he is damn good at hiding the evidences like deleting messages and getting the guy friends around him to “cover up” for him. And he thinks he can scoots off freely without being caught for that few months or weeks. But as time goes by , the truth will be out someday and that is when hell broke loose. Some men claim that they love their wife or fiancee/gf still but why cheat when you claim you love someone ? You will not hurt someone you truly loves and care about . You will let her be sad or hurt her feelings.

Some man still have the cheek to decide whether to choose the 3rd party or his wife/fiancee/gf  and even willing to give up his kids for the 3rd party. A woman can forgive but it is hard to forget. Having been through all these before years ago , i hope the ladies will be strong and always think for your children. And men , if you love your wife/fiancee/gf , never hurt her because once the hurt was done , it will leave a scar in your relationship. It is hard to forget. I cannot tolerate cheating in a relationship because i know how hard it is to forget the hurt inflicted and the trust broken. Having been through that before , the hurt is so emotionally abusive that it gets trapped inside for sometime before it exploded.  And men , don’t come up with stupid excuses how your wife/fiancee/gf was not caring/attentive etc etc because if you love her , you would have talked to her and worked it all out instead of looking for someone else. If you think that looking for someone else as an excuse to spite her , you will regret your actions.

So those ladies who were going through the hard times , be strong and seek help or comfort with your friends. If your husband/fiancee is going around telling stories to make him look better , just forget it with a big heart. Move on and have a better life. People around you can see for themselves.

You will find your happiness soon.


If you are wondering why am i stereotyping and mention only about men who cheat ? That is because those victims ( people i know or friend’s friends etc etc ) are women. Whatever , stay faithful and be happy. If there is any relationship problems , talk it out and find a solution.