I have been going for aesthetic treatment since last year. I dropped my facial package from a spa 2 years ago because i find that it doesn’t really work on my skin and when i was having my facial done which is supposed to be the most relaxing part , the therapist is always trying to hard sell and push her products asking me to sign up and kept calling me like every week to “follow up” to see if i want to buy this or that package. That is one of the reason i dropped it and just don’t want to go anymore. It is very irritating.

Aesthetics treatment is really addictive ( i have blogged about it before) especially when you see the results and the improvements. That is why i stopped going to normal facial or spa places. And because i went for aesthetic procedures such as lasers treatment and botox , people whom i have not met for awhile told me that i looked different and asked if i went for surgery ?

Actually i noticed that i looked abit different compared to the past ( 2-3 years ago ) . Probably because now i am happier and less stressful. And the way i put on make up is also different. And the factor that contributed to the change in my looks is my weight gain !

Weight gain makes my face looks rounder , healthier and my double eyelids are more prominent. And i looked better without make up because i looked less tired ( probably because i am happier now ).

I was really thin last time ( always fluctuating between 41-43kg) and now i am fluctuating between 48-50kg. When i gain weight , the fats all go to the upper part of my body and face. 5kg makes a different to how someone looks like just as you know it is hard to lose 5kg !

Here is me without my make up taken 2 days ago which i sent to D to say Good night.


This was taken after i applied a ginseng mask pack on my face.

This was taken after simple make up with eyeliner , lipstick and BB cushion. The way i put on make up is different as compared to the past where i like to draw really thick and black eyeliners. I switched to more natural and lighter look now.


Another question i have been asked most of the time is : ” You are still young and you look young, why do you have to go for this and that ? “

Not trying to Hao Lian (show off) but people do tell me that i don’t look like im 28 and some thought that i am still a uni student. That is because i really take good care of my skin like applying skin care products on my skin everyday and night and the additional laser treatments did help me in achieving brighter skin tones , smaller pores and smoother skin which some facial care products can’t give. Nobody will say anything if you buy an expensive cream and apply it on your face but if you go for laser treatments , people talk.

Aesthetics is NOT plastic surgery. You use the machines and technology to work on your skin and go skin deep unlike facial care products which only act on the surface .

So there is no need to go to my friends , photography and make up artist to ask if PL has done something to her eyes or nose .

People talk and people gossip and i dont care nor was i affected by these things. I am just feeling tired having to go through the same answer again when people asked me. Very annoying.



Anyway , a new cafe to intro everyone here.

I went for the first shoot after i touched down in SG.

Cafe Gavroche is located at Tras Street which is just next to Tanjong Pagar Road where you see rows of Korean restaurants.


Here are some dishes which we tried :

1. Cocotte of the day – Beef Bourguignon stew with mushrooms, carrot and potato

2. Tartine of smoked salmon and horseradish
3. Croque Monsieur – Baked ham & emmental cheese sandwich, bechamel sauce
My favourite goes to the Cocotte of the day ! The beef stew is soft and tender. Too bad i was soo sleepy from the jetlag if not i could have finished all up.


The interior is really cozy and in French theme.

Ambience was really great and a great place to chill out during lunch or dinner. It is located near Tanjong Pagar MRT (3 mins walk) behind the Red Dot Museum.


If you are working nearby , this will be a good place to you to have a relaxing lunch.

I will definitely drop by here again for dinner !

Thanks for hosting us , Cafe Gavroche.

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