I would like to share a good tip with everyone on how to cleanse your face and clear the make up from your skin.

I have blogged about the cleanser i use but i realised i have not blogged about how to cleanse your face properly.

We all want to have flawless or healthy looking skin.The first and foremost important step is CLEANSING.

There is no point applying expensive or good product on your skin if you don’t cleanse properly. What is the point of spending money to apply good products on your skin when it is piled or clogged with dirt and make up remnants ?

Some of you have been asking how to cleanse the face properly and remove the make up completely. I guess some of you have problems with that.

I like to see that my face is clean , moisturized and healthy looking after my skincare routine.


Besides having a good non-drying cleanser or any cleanser which suits your skin conditions , the way and how you cleanse your face is also important.

I have to put on heavy make up for Agneselle.com’s photoshoots. Makeup was so heavy that sometimes i felt that cleansing my face once is not clean enough.

True enough when there was once after i showered, washed my face and dried my face with a towel. The towel was white colour and i noted some very slight yellowish stain. So i took a facial tissue and wrap it around my index finger thickly and scrap abit of the side of my nose. To my horror , it was the foundation and it was still on my face despite removing with my make up remover and cleanser.

Fortunately , it was not too late to change the way i cleanse my face after realizing it. It was about 1 month after my very first outdoor shoot that i realized that.

So some of you may have thought that you have cleansed your face properly and removed your make up but actually you did not.

Hence i bought a microfiber facial cleansing mitten from The Face Shop. It works like a glove and just put 3-4 fingers into the mitten and go around your face in circular motions.

After removing my eye and face make up with a make up remover , i cleanse my face with the facial mitten.

You can see how much make up remnants were on the facial mitten even after removing make up with a make up remover or cleansing oil.

The mitten works like a body scrub/sponge/mitten.

How to use it ? 

1) Lather my face with warm water

2) Squeeze some cleanser onto the mitten and lather with water

3) Use the mitten and gently go in circular motions round your face. The cleansing foam will lather up nicely.

I didn’t get facial mittens from any drugstore and i prefer to get it from proper skincare shops because the mittens are more gentle and it doesn’t scrap your skin. The ones from drugstores are very rough and your skin feels like being scratched. The one i got from The Face Shop is good and i just bought some from other brands and sent to D’s house in Busan at KRW600 each ( waiting for him to bring it back ).

Alternatively you can use the facial cleansing sponge. I use the facial cleansing sponge too but i prefer the mittens because it reaches the corners of my eyes , eyelids and nose area easily by controlling my fingers. But both help to remove dead skin, make ups and impurities from your skin surface.

As you can see below , remnants of the mascara/eyeliner , BB cushion and blusher on my face even after removing them with a make up remover.



When i used it for the first time , i didn’t wash it and left it to dry so i can see how much make up were removed. I saw orangey yellow patches and they were the foundations i used for photoshoots.

Removing make up with cleansing oil or removers are not enough and you need to do more about it.

I got my sponges and mittens from The Face Shop , Etude house , Innisfree and Nature Republic from Korea because it is very cheap. What i like about the mittens as compared to facial cleansing sponge is that i can throw the mittens into the washing machine to wash it and reuse again. But i cannot do that to the sponges. Mittens are more cost effective.

On normal days when my make up is really light , i will skip using the mittens and just use my hands or konjac sponge to cleanse.

If you are a blogshop model or going for events with thick and heavy make up or a bride , you should start taking care of your face and cleanse them properly before all the make up start piling up on your face, clogging your pores and gives you dull looking skin !

Hope this helps !

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  1. Hi Pei Ling

    Can I ask how much (approximately) do the treatments at Aeon cost?


  2. Peiling says:

    Hi Rach , you can call 67332002 to enquire because the prices depends on your skin conditions and type of treatment you need.

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