I miss the cool weather in Netherlands and the time we spent together.

The daily walk in the parks just right next to our apartment and riding on the bicycle.


And every Tuesday , i will go to the field next to the park to watch Oppa and his colleagues playing football. Sitting on the grass patch , enjoy the breeze and the game.

I made friends from Ukraine , Russia , Australia , Germany ,  France , Italy , Belgium , England , USA etc. Everyone was friendly. I was surprised that some are interested in the Chinese culture and language. They speak fluent Chinese too.

Almost everyone was a seaman or captain of a ship before. Having been out in the sea for months every year , everyone just want to have a “normal” life with their families which is why they decided to work on shore after years. Oppa was one of them.

This is one thing common between us. A normal and slow pace life.

I blogged since i was 19 years old and my life and everything has been public for several years. As i grew older , my blog contents also mature a little and became a tad boring. People want to read news , tabloids , gossips , relationships , breakups and catfights. I used to tilt towards that side years ago but as time goes by , it gets too tiring to chase and trying to increase your readership and instagram followers. People go to cafes to post food photos in the hope to increase likes and followers etc and things people blog and instagram lately is just to increase followers and likes on their photos. When i first started my instagram back in 2012 , i was into that too. But after a few months , it gets soo tiring and meaningless.

There were some bloggers/instagramers who were surprised that i take public transport such as train/mrt instead of taxi.

I was being asked this question many times : ” What if people recognize you ?”

I don’t drive and i don’t have a driving licence ( Long story of why until now i still don’t have. It is an absurd long story ) and i don’t see anything wrong taking public transport such as MRT/Bus. It is crazy if i were to take a taxi to orchard when i can just take a train which is faster and cheaper ? I don’t care what people think if they see me taking train/bus as long as i feel convenient. At the rate that i travel daily , i will be spending hundreds of dollars on taxi fares per month. If these people think there is nothing wrong taking taxis everywhere and everyday , i don’t see anything wrong taking bus/trains everyday too.

That is one thing about being a blogger/instagrammer , some are so self conscious that they live the way by how other people see them. I used to think that too years ago . Self conscious about how i look and act. But for the past 2 years , i just let it go and be myself. It is less tiring and less stressful to live this way.

But of cos , there are some bloggers who are still being truthful to themselves and be themselves.

I seldom blog about my relationships or private life now. And i find it very peaceful actually.

I really missed the times in Europe. We lived together for 3 weeks. It maybe short but these 3 weeks , you can see each other’s living habits and especially 2 people who came from different cultural background. Koreans and Chinese cultures are almost similar but still there are some differences.

For example , when a Chinese stretch out his/her hand to pick food from a dish , it is rude if other person cross his/her hand above or under another person’s hand. But for Koreans , it is normal and acceptable. So i felt strange when he just stretch his hand and cross above my arm to pick the dish at the other end of the table. But we compromise and respect each other’s culture. Because we have living with our own cultural habits for many years. So now when he sees me picking food from a dish , he will wait before he stretch out his hand .

Living with each other also means you get to see each other’s living habits. I have the habit of not capping the toothpaste and just leave it open like that.

Though just 3 weeks , we get to see and compromise with each other’s living habits. Thank god that there are no major differences and unhappiness. We are pretty similar when it comes to living habits. Like how i will cook and he washed the dishes. I do the laundry and he did the vacuuming. Unless he is really tired from a day of work , i will do everything. Or when i was having the “time of the month” and feeling really restless , he will do everything.

Most people’s misperception about Koreans are that Korean men are MCP and Korean women are submissive.

Not really actually. Some men are not MCP and some women are really aggressive. It depends and everyone is different.

My Oppa is MCP at times but in a positive way. As in when we were in Europe , he really takes good care of me. He feels that he has the responsibility to ensure my safety and im well taken care and well fed in Europe. Even when he is Netherlands and i am in SG , he will ask his friends in SG to take good are of me and told them to go out with me over the weekends to keep me accompany. He doesn’t leave me alone. Being the man of the house for 3 weeks , he paid for all the necessities , train tickets , hotels and air tickets even though i offered to pay for my own share. I felt very well taken care of because he is really responsible and someone i can go to for advices for anything in life and my business.

In Korean culture , the older ones take care of the younger ones. Especially the men are “trained” to take care of their girlfriends , wives and mothers. And the younger ones listen to the older ones. Respect is very important and respect comes with Age.

I will wake up in the morning and say good bye and a kiss at the door before he goes to work and to greet when he comes back from work. It is a bit rude to “hide” in the room (unless you are really fast asleep then it is ok ) when he goes out or comes back home. When i am eating at the dining table and his friends came into the house , i will stand up , bow my head and say “anyeonghasaeyo”.

All these cultural habits became a part of my life now that we don’t realized any differences at all. Which is good because it means we compromised and adapted to it.

Some people said i am xiao nu ren. But i don’t think so. There are something which i don’t agree with him but i bring it across in a less aggressive tone.

The tone makes a big difference and it can start or avoid a fight.

So much jumbled thoughts cramped into this small post. All these thoughts came about when i took a bus from Serangoon to Bishan. 10 minutes bus ride and so much to think about. Public transport ain’t that bad lah.

Anyway , Oppa bought for me some make up from Korea and im gonna share and review after using it !

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  1. Hello, I am glad I can still find bloggers like you who blog about your life. Love the food, beauty and Korea culture topics specially.

    I used to like reading blogs but stopped after they become so commercialised. Its all about paid ads and blogging became a money making outlet instead of sharing your life and thoughts.

    Thank you for not being one of them. 🙂

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