I haven’t cooked for a looong time and the last time was in Netherlands.

Well , i made Korean Spicy Pork Dish “Jaeyookbokkeum” ( 제육볶음) for Oppa over the weekend .

It is easy and just need 15 minutes including preparation !


Ingredients : 

1) Pork Belly ( sliced into pieces ) .

(If pork belly is too fattening for you , you can change to lean meat)

2) 1/2 of onion sliced into pieces

3) 1 tbs minced garlic / chopped garlic

4) 1 green pepper/chilli

5) 1 chopped spring onions

6) 1 tbs soya sauce

7) 1 tbs sugar

8) 2 tbs Korean Chilli Powder

9) 2-3 tbs Korean Chilli Paste

10) 1 tbs sesame oil

11) Option – Kimchi

How to cook ?

1) Oil the non-stick frying pan

2) Add minced garlic , onions and green pepper

3) This step is optional , you can add Kimchi if you want and fry together with all the condiments from step 2.

4) Add in all the pork belly/lean meat and stir fry with ingredients from 2) and 3)

5) Add sesame oil, soya sauce, sugar, Korean chilli paste and Korean chilli powder

6) Mix everything together and cook.

7) Sprinkle chopped spring onions before serving.

Easy right ?

You can serve with rice and lettuce. Just wrap the meat with lettuce and rice and pop it into your mouth !
Soooo yummy !

Been working till late for year end designs lately and i can’t wait for the neoprene tube tops, maxi dresses and jumpsuits.

The designs will look more feminine , elegant and chic for the year end pieces. You can expect new fabrics too !

Im super in love with the skirt that is coming up in November. It has an inner layer lining with a layer of polyester and outer layer of mesh. I had a longer version ( personal piece i got from Korea ) but it was too heavy and too long so i did a shorter version of it in lighter colours.

The mesh is longer than the inner lining so it is more unique.

Top is Ballerina Top in Black Version 2. It is slightly shorter and suitable for those who wants to pair it with high waisted shorts/skirts. You know if the top is too long , it will form a budge if you tuck it in. So we have shorten it by 1-2 inches. You can tuck in with ease and there will not be a budge showing. Also this one has a wider neckline so you can wear it as off shoulder or normal ballerina style top.

Fabric is good. Oppa was holding onto my waist and told me that “Actually , i can feel the fabric is good. You need to let your customers know that”

Lol. He is always there giving me new ideas and his “Korean” fashion sense.

So cute. He will cringe at the word “Cute” if he sees it here. He reads my blog. Never say “you are cute” to a Korean man. Use the word ” cool ” instead. Usually the word “cute” is used on girls.

Example : ” Oppa , you are cool ^^ ” ( 오빠 ~~ 너무 멋있어용 ^^ )

Do it with a little bit of aegyo ( act cute tone or cute emoticons ).

These 2 items will be launched in November !

I wore this set to tuition and my teacher asked why i wear so nice. I was kinda lazy to dress up lately because i was too busy and tired. But i decided to dress up abit so i can feel happier.


Have a good week ahead everyone !
Gonna sleep , my eyes getting smaller and smaller liao.

I just went for laser toning. Skin tone looks more brighter and radiant. Look out for my next blogpost to know more !