Have you tried the new mobile app launched – Lunch Kaki ?

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It is not an ordinary social app which just focuses on dating like others do. It is a social networking app where you can meet like-minded people during lunch and increase your network circle of friends. It is an app for everybody as eating lunch is an everyday affair!

When i was working in a bank 2 years ago , there was no time for me to meet any other people except for my colleagues. Sitting at the desk from 9am – 6pm and the only time i can get out of office was my lunch time which is the “golden time”.


With the app Lunch Kaki , you can get to schedule lunch with people who works around your office area. People like who enjoys the same cuisines, hobbies or work. And i mean new people.  Like i said , it is a social networking app for everybody regardless if you are attached, single or married. I have to highlight this as most people thought is use for mainly dating. For myself, even though I am attached, I am happy to meet new friends just to widen my social circle. You never know when a job opportunity will come during one of the lunch meet ups. You can choose to meet someone of the same or opposite sex for lunch.

Lunch Kaki is not restricted to strictly lunch requests. Lunch time is a perfect time for casual meet-ups and does away with higher commitment associated with dinners which is the primary mission of Lunch Kaki . It  helps to facilitate social networking between individuals. Nonetheless, there is no stopping individuals from using Lunch Kaki to arrange dinner/drinks meet-ups. The possibilities are endless!

The app is very user friendly and easy to use. There is a tutorial page and just within 3 minutes , you are able to search for a lunch kaki !

Just 2 steps away from finding your lunch Kaki !

1) Search for Lunch Kakis

Increase your network and make more friends. Who knows your golden job opportunities is out there and i wouldn’t mind to use this application to meet other entrepreneurs too.



2) Using the Free For Lunch Function (FFL)

This is one interesting feature where you can schedule your lunch ahead. You just input a future date, time and preference gender and switch on the FFL. Viola! A chat box will automatically appear if the corresponding party matches your inputs. How cool is that! Haha is like a random gate of fate.

3) Your preferences

You can search and sort the kakis. After searching, just click on the user profile to send a lunch request and wait for the other party to accept the request! Once the other party has accepted, you will receive a notification and a chat box will appear for you all to communicate the necessary details to arrange for lunch. The good thing I like about this app is that it cut shorts the introduction of getting to know you blah blah. As everybody who is on the app knows what is it being used for -to find a Lunch Kaki. Also no contact numbers are exchanged, everything is communicated through the chat. This definitely gives me a piece of mind.


The Lunch Kaki app also features Lunch Kaki of the Month where users can have lunch with the monthly featured Lunch Kakis !

I am honored to be the First Lunch Kaki of the Month for this app!  Which I would be glad to share the challenges of being a blog shop owner in this competitive industry or simply just to widen my social circle.

I have started using this app and it is really user friendly and you can get to network, socialize and meet more people from different walks of life.

There are many users now at Lunch Kaki and it is time to find your lunch kaki and never have to dine alone !


You can know more about the application through their facebook link !

And i can’t wait to see who am i going to have lunch with ! Stay tune for more !