This week is a super fattening week. I had sooo much food and i feel sooo bloated.

Oh well, it was a rainy Tuesday and i managed to wear one of my biker jackets from my collection ! I bought them from overseas ( Hongkong and Korea ). Washing them is abit tedious and expensive. That is why i only wear them when im overseas and washed them overseas instead because it is cheaper esp in Korea.

You can get your laundry done for your coats / jackets in Korea before you come back. It is way cheaper there.

My eyebags are really bad and im seriously thinking of having surgery done to remove them. Oppa is quite supportive but he emphasized “only eye bags” and no other parts of the face. lol



We found a hidden gem inside Chuan Park condo at Lorong Chuan. The thai food is really and so cheap .We spent only $34 ! We are going back to try more from there ! They not only serve Thai food but Western food such as pastas and pizzas too. I guess people who live there or around Lorong Chuan should know about it. It is inside a condo and at the club house. Beside the restaurant is a mini mart and a traditional salon.

DSC01514a DSC01515a

The Tom yum soup is really nice and we went for the Red Tom Yum Soup. Taste so good and we slurped up every single drop of it. Only $8.80


Thai Green Curry (Beef) . You can choose between seafood , beef or chicken. Soo nice and beef was soo tender.


Chicken in 3 Thai sauces.


We had 2 bowls or rice , coconut drink and these 3 dishes for only $34. The serving was huge and we nearly had food coma after that. We are going back for more since it is just infront of his block.

Today , i had my Korean tuition at Bedok Mall.

But before my tuition , i had lunch with my Korean teacher at Bedok Mall.

Korean bbq buffet at $35 for 2 pax.

We sat there for 2 hours and chomping down lotsa of pork bellies. Yes , just pork bellies.

Singaporeans like to go for marinated meats but Koreans just go for pork bellies because it is expensive and nicest.

I agree and that is why i only go for pork bellies when im having Korean bbq. I never order other thing else except for pork bellies.

DSC01525a DSC01526a DSC01528a

The price is very cheap and it is buffet somemore. So don’t expect very high quality meat. The meat was very thin so i picked up 2 pieces together , dipped in sesame oil with salt and eat with kimchi . The kimchi is not sour enough and cabbage was used instead of lettuce. So the taste is abit different.

So , you have to be smart with the seasonings they offer to make your bbq taste better. Like sprinkle some salt on the meat or apply a layer of sesame oil over. I put the golden mushrooms near the pork so that it will be soaked with the oil from the meat and then i sprinkle some salt. Sounds unhealthy but it was damn yummy.


So for 2 hours , we just had golden mushrooms , kimchi and pork bellies.


My Korean teacher is good at BBQ and her meat are never burnt.


Super fattening week and i had more yummy food on wed night which i will blog later.

Gonna get a good sleep before photoshoot on Thursday afternoon.

Good night !