I saw a FB friend shared THIS post and i can understand how this guy feels because my bf is also a foreigner.

This guy’s girlfriend is a Thai. I have 4 friends who married Thais , 2 are dating Thais and my uncle’s wife is a Thai.

My friends met their wives at work when they were posted to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand for work ,  their wives are working in SG ( not in Thai disco, but in some Thai construction companies or Thai restaurants etc ) or through mutual friends. My uncle’s wife is his brother’s wife’s cousin’s wife’s sister ( super long relative connection , go figure out yourself ) and that was how they met and introduced. These are really proper , down to earth and they are now happily married and had kids. They are not the ones you see in the night scenes. I have met some of them and they are soo down to earth and nice. And fortunately , Thailand is just 2.5 hours plane ride away and some of them go back to Thailand once a month on weekend to visit their families.

The other 2 who were dating met their gfs in Thai disco/gentleman club. And an ex-friend of mine broke up with his “gf” because she was always asking him to send money to her after she went back to Bangkok ( every month about $1000 ) and when he was tight in cash and cannot send that much , she lost her temper and threaten to break up ( finally the guy woke up and realized that she was after him for money only ).

There are always black sheeps but not all are like that. I find it very insensitive when i saw how some people asked my friends if they met their wives in Thai disco or massage parlour. It’s like how some SG couples met in bars/clubs and imagine people asked if you met your girlfriend/boyfriend in clubs/bars and people look at both of you in a negative way. Also ,  some people ever asked me if my boyfriend hits me after drinking or when he is drunk ( because they watched too much K-drama ) since Korea has a strong drinking culture . Nope he don’t and he was very quiet when he was drunk.

There are some points raised by the writer which i agree :

“2) People will always view your foreigner partner according to their own perspective”

I fully agree with his point. People watched too much K-drama and thinks that every Korean looks or behaved like that they see on TV. There is a reason why it is called K-drama. Without the plot being a drama , who will watch it ?  Not all Korean men are MCP and even if they are , it is not as bad as what you saw on TV like how the men are MCP and the ladies are submissive. Time changed and not everyone are like that as what was portrayed  in the dramas.

Others tend to generalize and not see everyone as an unique individual.

Everybody is unique and has their own personality , character and behavior. Everyone is different.

The worst thing i ever heard was someone asking a friend of mine what is the difference in having sex with a foreigner and is it like those in Japanese AV movies. ( That guy’s gf is a Japanese and i can see his face turning red with anger when the other person asked him that).  Seriously , how insensitive can someone be ? What an insensitive question and no respect to the couple at all !!!

“5) You’ll learn of each other’s different cultures and that is amazing”

Fully agree on this point too. We have endless things to talk about and to experience together. There is always something new. Be it human behavior , manners , cultures , traditions etc etc. And with my Oppa , traveling and exploring around SG is never boring because i will always try to find new places to bring him and i have never been to some places before. Also , i can’t wait to travel to Korea next year with him and together we visit and tour places he have never been to before. Korea is very big and there are so many places to go.

So if you met someone who has a foreigner partner , please be respectful and don’t ask insensitive questions or make insensitive remarks. Just give them your blessing and if you don’t , just keep your comments to yourself.

Anyway , D and i are planning our trip to Busan next year. This is a formal trip and i will be meeting his mother. Feeling really nervous and i need to practice my Korean speaking really hard. Totally lost touch with the language ever since i went to Europe for 3 weeks and came back.

Lotsa work to do now and need to prepare for upcoming launches and photoshoots !