Two more months before 2015 and we are all packed with year-end parties , gatherings and dinners. That is when we will be meeting people and want to look our best. You don’t want to meet an old friend of yours and to hear them commenting that you looked tired. Also , dressing up in your best or expensive dress in the wardrobe and you want to hear compliments about your entire look and outfit right ? It is the year end and all of us worked really hard since the beginning of the year. It is time to pamper yourself !

So , i decided to go for the Winter Glow Treatment at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic !

This treatment is reallllly nice and my skin looks soo radiant even after 1 week from the treatment.

When i arrived , as usual i was greeted by the staff at the counters , enjoyed my glass of Korean tea before i was brought to the medical treatment room to cleanse my face.

Esther , the aesthetician cleansed my face before we proceed to the laser room.




The Winter Glow treatment is a combination of Aeon’s Clarity Toning, Diamond Lift and the special winter glow facial. 2 different lasers done together. The Clarity Toning laser helps to lighten pigmentations, brighten your skin tone , tighten your pores and remove dead skin cells. The Diamond lift is a cutting edge new device combining radiofrequency and magnetic pulse technology to stimulate collagen which helps to lift your skin and at the same time boost your skin’s radiancy. What’s good about this treatment is how it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. You can get to brighten , boost your skin radiancy and at the same time lift your skin. The special “Winter Glow” medical facial treatment helps to boost and lock in moisture in your skin.

Firstly , one round of Aeon Total Clarify Toning laser was done before the Diamond lift. It is non-invasive and involves no pain. I actually fell asleep during the treatment because i was sooo tired.



After one round of Aeon Clarity Toning , Dr Kim performed the Diamond lift treatment .But before treatment , a layer of gelatin gel will be applied on my skin to act as a medium between my skin and the laser. You will feel abit warm during Diamond lift but it is not painful. There is no pain and Dr Kim will ask if the temperature is ok and if you are feeling comfortable. Alot of readers who went to Dr Kim commented that he is very patient and kind. It makes them feel comfortable going for the procedure.

DSC01274a DSC01275a

So , one round of Diamond Lift was done to my entire face and not forgetting the neck area too. You don’t want to look young and have clear and radiant facial skin but your neck looks old right ?



Dr Kim focus on my forehead area because it is the area which is prone to facial lines formed from frowning. So girls,  stop frowning !




My skin appears pinkish after the Diamond lift due to the heat. Fret not , it is not painful nor does it burns your skin. It feels like someone is using a lukewarm towel and put it against your skin or like a hot stone massage. But after about 10 minutes , the pinkish-ness subsided




After both laser treatments , I was brought back to the medical rooms and that is where Esther cleanses off the remaining gelatin gel from my face with a warm towel. Her massage skills are really good.


DSC01297a DSC01298a

Her massage skills are sooooo good and i feel really comfortable and hope it can keep going on and on. Lol.



Here is picture taken after the laser and with the gel removed. Face looks more radiant and clear with just one session. Actually more improvements can be seen 1-2 days after the treatment. On the 2nd day , i can see that my skin looks brightened and radiant even without make up.


After the cleansing , the “Winter Glow” medical facial started.

A hydrating and whitening serum from a single use ampule (selected depending on your skin type and condition) was applied on my skin and slowly massaged with a cooling radio frequency applicator. This applicator helps the serum to better absorbed into my skin

DSC01306a DSC01310a

Next  , TWO layers of moisturizing cream (also selected accordingly to your skin condition) was spread across my face before putting on the mask.


Facial massage was done so that the moisturizer will be absorbed fully. Also you can get to enjoy neck massage too.

DSC01315a DSC01318a

A layer of cream mask was spread around my face. A foam mask , which will be applied later on, will enhance the cream mask to better penetrate into my skin for an optimum effect.

DSC01320a DSC01321a DSC01326a


A special eye mask was spread on my eyelids and around my eyes. If your eyes are really dry or tired , you will feel abit of sting. But i don’t feel any.

Slowly , you will feel the heat from the eye mask. The heat helps to moisturize and reduce the puffiness of your dark eye circles.

DSC01330a DSC01334a


This is something new. It was the first time i heard about a “Foam Mask”. This Foam Masks boosts the radiancy and moisture in your skin. A facial cotton was placed over my entire face and the foam mask was applied thereafter.

DSC01335a DSC01342a DSC01351a

After the foam mask was put on, I was given a neck and upper back massage to relax my tight muscles. After about 20 minutes , the mask was removed .


DSC01356a DSC01365a DSC01370a

I was given another round of facial and neck massage , moisturizer and sunblock was applied after everything.


This treatment is awesome and worth it because it has everything. From radiancy to lifting and moisturizing. Definitely a “Winter Glow” for the holiday season!

(only available until 31 Dec 2014; there are also terms and conditions)



You can call in to make an appointment or enquire.


You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

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